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Delphi Source: Other recommended development tools for Delphi and C++Builder

The following products are for Delphi coders:
  • Rubicon Pro
    Delphi and C++Builder programming add-on, full text search, wildcards and Boolean logic against tables, result ranking, Supports multi-table searches.
  • Card Validation
    Object pascal source for validating AmEx, Mastercard, Visa and other credit card numbers.
  • TPack
    Collection of re-usable object pascal components and utility functions for use on win32, dot net and with Kylix.
  • TwhRubiconSearch
    This component is FREE when WebHub and Rubicon are licensed at the same time.
  • HtPlus Pack
    WebHub VCL source code add-on
  • TNativeXml is back online; read about TNativeXML here and order it there...
  • DFM Converter
    Make a small contribution to show your appreciation for the DFM converter utility.
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