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Designed for...

Delphi, C++Builder, Kylix and/or Free Pascal Programmers

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Overview and Benefits

Please order directly from www.simdesign.nl.)


There are extensive comments in the source code and some features have been documented in HREF's online help system at webhub.com/dynhelp.

Upgrade Policy

HREF Tools generally updates TNativeXml once a year around August/September/October depending on when the new release of Delphi comes out.

Technical Support

SimDesign provides support for TNativeXml via its forum. Please check www.simdesign.nl for details. We will do our best to answer questions about TNativeXml posted in our WebHub newsgroup.

Source Code Availability

SimDesign have made TNativeXml open-source. It is available on their web site, www.simdesign.nl. HREF Tools maintains a separate branch which ships with ZaphodsMap via www.zaphodsmap.com and cc.embarcadero.com.

Requirements and/or Compatible Software

Delphi or FreePascal

Available Media

electronic download

To Order

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