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Designed for...

Delphi and C++Builder programmers.

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Overview and Benefits

This product includes the source to the ccValid unit, plus the source to the TWebCCard component. The ccValid unit contains the basic functionality. The TWebCCard component is a WebHub web action component that wraps the functionality so that you may use it easily within a web application.


Documentation is online at webhub.com/dynhelp.

Technical Support

Same as for the WebHub VCL (free and paid support options are available).

Source Code Availability

Full Delphi source code is included.

Requirements and/or Compatible Software

Delphi or CPPBuilder 2009 or above.
Use of TwhCreditCard requires WebHub Object Pascal Components BUT the core routines for sanity checking a card compile without WebHub installed.

Available Media

7Z archive file by electronic download.

To Order

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