Company: HREF Tools Corp.

HREF Tools Corp.
45 Gosling Rd Unit 8
Newington, NH 03801


HREF Tools Corp.
4023 Kennett Pike #50099
Wilmington, DE 19807 USA

Tel: +1-302-240-5500 (Mon-Fri 8:30 to 6pm EST)

HREF Tools Corp. is a leading developer of Delphi web development tools. Founded in 1995, HREF has kept up with developments to the Delphi and CPPBuilder offerings from Embarcadero and maintains a strong commitment to Pascal.

HREF offers a range of Delphi components and utilities for web developers and web server owners. The flagship product, WebHub, is ideal for teams of web developers who wish to separate page design from logic, and who need to deliver sites which will be skinned for multiple clients and/or translated into multiple lingvos.

We also support customers by managing some of their hosting needs in terms of databases, web servers and accounting workstations.

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