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Browsing >>Help Wanted: Work Experience at HREF Tools Corp.

Applicants must be fluent in English plus preferably one of the following: Spanish, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic.

  • Commission-based technical sales
    Must have strong writing skills and inter-personal skills.
    Please read the product information sheets for at least StreamCatcher and Rubicon before applying. Experience with Embarcadero Delphi and/or Microsoft IIS will be a big plus.
  • Webmaster internship
    Must know html and css.
  • Public relations internship
    Must work during New York City or San Francisco business hours.

To be considered, send a message to the Office Manager via the contact system including a link to your resume. Interviews are held online Mon-Fri between 4 and 5pm California time.

All of these are work-from-home telecommute positions.

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