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Designed for...

Delphi programmers with projects from 1995 to about 2001 where the DFM files are still in binary format.

Pricing Starts at $2

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Overview and Benefits

DFMConverter.exe is a standalone EXE which prompts for a Delphi project (DPR) whose *.dfm files you want converted, or for a path containing *.dfm files. Backups are optional. The wizard-style user interface endeavors to be very clear; operation takes only a few seconds. Enjoy.

Download FREE Trial Version

DFMConverter.exe v1.0 for win32


1-minute video here on youtube and/or just read the wizard screens as you use it!

Upgrade Policy

no upgrades planned

Requirements and/or Compatible Software

☑ Windows operating system
☑ Delphi DFM files

Available Media

electronic download

To Order

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