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TwhRubiconSearch: A web action component integrating WebHub and Rubicon

Designed for...

Programmers using WebHub VCL and Rubicon.

Overview and Benefits

Use TwhRubiconSearch to present the results of a Rubicon full text search to a surfer looking at a dynamic web page produced by a WebHub application.

If you order this item, you will receive full Object Pascal (Delphi) source to the TwhRubiconSearch component, for use in the latest version of WebHub.

FREE Demo Info / Screenshots

This component is used in the Delphi Super Page Search Engine, Full source to that demo is available and you can view that source over the web without installing anything. Just use the [Source] link in any page footer on that site, and you will be able to browse through botth the WHTEKO and Delphi source files. The DSP application is probably more complicated than most, so try not to be frightened by the way things are done there.

Technical Support

Same as for the WebHub VCL (free and paid support options are available).

Source Code Availability

Full Object Pascal source is included.

Requirements and/or Compatible Software

Rubicon Professional
WebHub Object Pascal Components

Available Media

This component is defined in the webRubi.pas file, and that is available as an optional component when installing Rubicon.

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