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HtPlus Pack: WebHub VCL source code add-on

Designed for...

Delphi programmers using the WebHub VCL.

Pricing Starts at $169

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Overview and Benefits

For developers who want as much source code as possible, this is it! HtPlus Pack includes:

  • All of TPack -- including utility code, special components and the main base classes used in the WebHub Components.
  • Source to the scrolling grids (TWebDataGrid, TWebDataScan, TWebScanList) plus the cloning utilties.
  • Source to the e-mail and telnet components (TWebMail, TWebMailForm, TWebSock, TWebTelnet)
  • Source to the TWebListMaster component
  • Source to web-specific utilities (HtKeybrd, htStream, htStrWWW, htTagLst, HtmlEnc, HttpExt, Isapi2)

Note: source to TWebDataSource is not included.

Download FREE Trial Version

The no-source version of the files in HtPlus Pack is included in the WebHub VCL product - both trial and registered versions.


The source code is commented.

Upgrade Policy

FREE electronic upgrades for at least two (2) years from date of license. When you register, you will receive an email notice giving you instructions. If you lost your instructions or have questions, please contact Customer Service.

Requirements and/or Compatible Software

☑ Delphi 7.0+
WebHub Components

Available Media

Installation file by electronic download.

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