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Component-based Power and Flexibility!
WebHub offers a paradigm that gives you automatic save-state without cookies in a framework that is programmer-friendly. WebHub is ideal for building database-driven applications.

  • Tips for New Users
    This page provides introductory information for people who want to start using the WebHub Components with Delphi XE3
  • WebHub VCL
    This page provides a summary about the WebHub VCL -- the core development package for anyone wanting to build web applications with Borland Delphi and WebHub.
  • Diagrams
    In-depth information about using WebHub to build all types of web applications (dynamic, static and CD-ROM). This area links to the WebHub Architecture Diagram and the WebHub White Paper.
  • High Traffic Stats
    Statistics for extremely high traffic "built with WebHub" sites. Compare, and be amazed!
  • Advantages for You
    Highlights for business owners, programmers, HTML specialists, and ISPs
  • Pricing Info
    Which WebHub products to license, development and deployment costs, and available services for VAR (or OEM) partners.
  • Questions
    Questions to ask when comparing web solutions
  • The Competition
    WebHub's key strengths are power and flexibility...
  • Developer Manual
    The PDF version of the WebHub Developer's Manual is free to download.
  • Link to Demos
    Check out the WebHub demos!
  • Built with Delphi
    HREF Tools Corp. builds software with the object-oriented Borland Visual Component Library (VCL).
  • Portfolio
    Here we showcase the work of our customers who have built web applications with WebHub.
If you are new to WebHub, start with the Diagrams and Overview to find out how using WebHub will benefit anyone building HTTP- or HTML-based applications.

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