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Component-based Power and Flexibility!
WebHub offers a paradigm that gives you automatic save-state without cookies in a framework that is programmer-friendly. WebHub is ideal for building database-driven applications.
If you are new to WebHub, start with the Diagrams and Overview to find out how using WebHub will benefit anyone building HTTP- or HTML-based applications.

  • Tips for New Users
    This page provides introductory information for people who want to start using the WebHub Components with Delphi XE3
  • WebHub VCL
    This page provides a summary about the WebHub VCL -- the core development package for anyone wanting to build web applications with Borland Delphi and WebHub.
  • Diagrams
    In-depth information about using WebHub to build all types of web applications (dynamic, static and CD-ROM). This area links to the WebHub Architecture Diagram and the WebHub White Paper.
  • High Traffic Stats
    Statistics for extremely high traffic "built with WebHub" sites. Compare, and be amazed!
  • Advantages for You
    Highlights for business owners, programmers, HTML specialists, and ISPs
  • Pricing Info
    Which WebHub products to license, development and deployment costs, and available services for VAR (or OEM) partners.
  • Questions
    Questions to ask when comparing web solutions
  • The Competition
    WebHub's key strengths are power and flexibility...
  • Developer Manual
    The PDF version of the WebHub Developer's Manual is free to download.
  • Link to Demos
    Check out the WebHub demos!
  • Books and Reviews
    Books, articles, and reviews, including Delphi In-Depth and Delphi 2.0 Unleashed which both contain valuable information for Delphi programmers learning about WebHub and CGI programming
  • Built with Delphi
    HREF Tools Corp. builds software with the object-oriented Borland Visual Component Library (VCL).
  • Portfolio
    Here we showcase the work of our customers who have built web applications with WebHub.
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