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OEM: Tech partner, OEM scenario

HREF Tools Corp. -- Secure, strong, and dedicated to long-term working business relationships

We recognize the importance of doing business with other professionals and are committed to maintaining high-quality service that lets you grow your business. Our relationship with our OEM customers are very important to us and we continue to foster mutually beneficial arrangements. Whether you're a startup business or a multi-national corporation, we will work with you to make your WebHub-built product a success.

It takes solid expertise and support operations to make a business succeed, so we provide quality services to help you advance your business faster. We can help you with everything from cooperative marketing and documentation support, to installation and help system advice, to product strategy or customized features. Examples of ways we can assist you include:

  • Design/Strategy: High-level technical design and product strategy meetings

  • Contracts: Long-term resale and relicensing contracts

  • Installation:Assistance with combining and automating the installation of both your product and WebHub into a single auto-installation

  • Source Code:Source for many of the WebHub VCL units is available in the Htplus Pack. Full source for The Hub, the runners, and the WebHub VCL is available to OEM customers by special arrangement only.

  • Software Modifications: Additional changes and features can be provided as needed, such as:
    • creation of customized splash screen on The Hub and on custom application server(s)
    • removal of Hub user interface panels that are not needed for a particular resale situation
    • addition of features, if desired
    • custom, proprietary compilation of a single EXE encapsulating your custom application server

Product Advice
Each of our OEM partners has special needs and every situation is unique. In general, most partners proceed with the following steps:

  • Develop your custom application with the WebHub VCL, a 5exe Hub, and the HtPlus Pack source code. Design assistance is available.

  • Finalize your development plan and determine your third-party arrangements.

  • When you are ready to start licensing your application to third parties, sign an OEM agreement with HREF that enables you to:
    • Relicense the Hub System with your product
    • Generate your own hub unlock codes over the web (to speed up your ordering and fulfillment process)
    • Be eligible for quantity discounts on a quarterly basis, with net 30 terms.


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