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Limited Budget: Entry level scenario


Limited budget.


Assuming that you have a copy of Delphi, once you have the WebHub Components you will be able to build a wide variety of sites at your own pace.


  1. Get started with a free evaluation copy of WebHub plus a free deployment unlock code online. If necessary, customer service can extend the runtime license for you so that you have enough time to get a good start on your project.
  2. FREE - WebHub Developer's Manual
  3. When you are ready, purchase Link to HREFShop a WebHub developer license for US $389. That includes a 1-module Hub deployment license which will probably be sufficient until your web application receives more than three requests per second.
  4. If and when you start marketing your web site through search engines such as google, you should purchase Link to HREFShop a StreamCatcher license for the live server, for US $179.
  5. Eventually you may need to purchase Link to HREFShop a higher capacity Hub license. Prices start at US $99 and go up to approximately $3000.00 per server, depending on hub capacity and the number of CPUs in the server. All prices are online in HREFShop. Click into the WebHub Deployment category. Most customers spend between $500 and $800 for their deployment licenses.

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