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Bulk Discount: Bulk discount scenario

Ficticious Quote:

"If it works with the SQL server that our company has standardized on, we will need a license for every web server in the company. Tell me about Quantity Discounts."

Product Advice:

Regarding SQL servers -- if Delphi connects to it, so does WebHub. If you have any doubts, please talk to technical support.

The most important thing to know about WebHub in a SQL environment is that using WebHub will save your money on your SQL licenses. Instead of having to license an unlimited Internet license for your database product, you can control the number of simultaneous connections precisely, and license a 5- or 10- connection pack, saving in some cases over $2500.00 in SQL licenses.

You will need to estimate (or measure!) your traffic and query timing in order to figure out how much hub capacity to buy. Read hub capacity for assistance. For most people, getting started with a 5-module Hub per machine is best. Only a small percentage of our customers use anything higher than a 10-module Hub.


  • Academic discount: 80%-off, for qualified students and administrators.
  • Quantity discount: 20%-off, for repeat customers making multi-license purchases over $2000.

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