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WebHub Evaluation: Expression of Interest

Thank you for your interest in an evaluation copy of WebHub.

Limitations to the Evaluation Version

  1. Your evaluation license for the Hub and Components will expire after 45 days.
  2. There is a page footer which reminds you to purchase the product from HREFShop.
  3. There is a contact-us screen which opens when you open WebHub applications.
  4. You are limited to three open database queries.
  5. SendFileIIS is disabled (the method for sending files for direct download)
  6. The OnUploaded event is not called for uploaded files.

Application Form

Every application is reviewed individually. Please answer the questions below as completely as possible. Evaluation licenses are only granted to suitable applicants.

Required fields are marked *. We will not add your confidential data to any mailing list or sell it to any third parties.

E-Mail address *

Job Title *
# of employees in organization
Relevant web site, if any
What is your preferred lingvo for reading technical documentation?
Are you considering WebHub primarily for intranet applications or public internet sites? *
Would you prefer to deploy your WebHub application on Windows or Linux? *
How many existing Delphi applications do you have to web-enable within the next twelve months?
Which database(s) will you use? e.g. Firebird SQL, Interbase, MS SQL, Oracle, etc.
Which database access components will you use? e.g. CodeGear DBExpress, ADO, SDAC, etc.
Will your web application(s) require a full-text search feature? *
Will your site(s) publish content in two or more lingvos?
Will your site involve non-western character sets such as Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian?
Will your web application(s) take advantage of "skins" of some type, such that it is branded for multiple organizations, departments, clubs, localities, etc? *
Where will the final web application run? *
Are you evaluating products other than WebHub for your web development? If so, which ones?
Which compiler will you use for building WebHub applications? *
Where did you hear about WebHub?
Additional Comments to help us decide about your application

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