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The Hub

WebHub's process control feature manages data flow and prevents high-traffic web sites from system overload. The Hub "oversees" and controls the multiple and simultaneous page requests made to your programs by surfers. WebHub's runner/hub/application server model manages these requests to deliver efficient use of your programs and to deliver quick responses to the surfers using your application.
  • Process Controller
    This page explains what a process controller is and how The Hub works.
  • Single Server
    Find out how much traffic a single machine can support if you use the Hub's scalability feature.
  • Multiple Servers
    This example shows how to use multiple web server machines to service a very high traffic site.
  • Kiosk Design
    A kiosk model is one where the surfers are coming in from dedicated machines, perhaps in airport terminals, supermarkets or malls.
  • Modular Apps
    Run more application server instances to avoid bottlenecks, divide your program into well-organized functional modules, and to phase in features over time.
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