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Dynamic Sites: Content of pages can change based on the surfer's actions

Diagram of a dynamic site
Dynamic Sites

//This text is from the PHTML guide p. 1 (edited WAY down). Interactive (dynamic) web sites have exponentially increased both the power and the usefulness of the Web. Most sites require some sort of dynamic function, such as browser sensitivity, a form-to-email screen, a password security check, or a shopping cart feature.

The entire WebHub line was designed with the intention of making it easy to develop powerful, dynamic web sites.

  • Server View
    Diagram and explanation of software used to create an interactive WebHub site
  • Web Server
    Web server software compatibility notes
  • WebHub Runners
    WebHub "Runners:" cgi-win, cgi-bin, and ISAPI
  • The Hub
    The Hub is the key to process control and scalability. This section explains how it works and illustrates common system configurations for low, medium, and high traffic.
  • WebHub App Servers
    Teamwork, nature of dynamic sites, saving-state, separating the UI and processing, page aliasing, database support and security
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