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Rubicon Pro: Full-text search capability for Delphi

Designed for...

Programmers writing applications that require full-text search on text in a database with integer identifiers for the text locations.

New Pricing

List price USD $199 or make your own Rubicon Discount Coupon

Overview and Benefits

Rubicon is a Delphi/C++Builder add-on that lets you put full text search capabilities into your Windows applications.

You retain control of all data, including all the content and all the indexing.

Beginner to advanced search expressions are supported.... from simple wildcard queries to complex expressions.

One system works with all major database bridges used by Delphi and C++Builder programmers including FireDAC, ADO, IB Express, NexusDB, IBObjects, ElevateDB and others.

Is Rubicon for me, now?

Facts about Rubicon Searches

End-users can search using wildcards and Boolean logic against tables, text, RTF, and HTML files. Results may be ranked and matching words automatically highlighted. A hints control displays matching words and the number of hits as the surfer types. Supports multi-table searches with tables of identical or different record structures. Most searches take less than 1/10th of a second and do not require reading the source data as Rubicon pre-builds its own index data. These indexes may be built and updated by using threads and/or multiple PCs.

FREE Demo Info / Screenshots

Stream the Rubicon Showcase On-Demand to quickly see what Rubicon can do for a desktop Windows application. In the showcase, we use FireDAC and Rubicon Bridge K to search a database of 173,000 recipes.

Delphi source code for the Rubicon showcase project is available, even in Rubicon Lite. After installing, look in the r_samples\demo_k_firedac folder for sample projects for use with Delphi and FireDAC.

Download FREE Trial Version

To download a FREE edition of the Rubicon Search Engine for Delphi and CPPBuilder, please click here for Rubicon Lite and remember to make yourself a license code before you distribute anything to end users; unlock here.

If you have already installed Rubicon and wish to enter a new license, re-run the Rubicon Setup program or edit your license using Start > Programs > HREF Tools > Rubicon > ZMAdmin.


PDF: Rubicon v4 Reference Manual

Upgrade Policy

Rubicon v4 includes free updates for at least 12 months from date of license.

Technical Support

New as of February 2022!
Please visit to discuss ANYTHING relating to Rubicon.

Source Code Availability

  • The paid edition includes full Object Pascal source for Rubicon core and everything else.
  • The Lite edition has much less source but it does include the Showcase sample source.
  • Paid-license customers are welcome to create a free account at, basically for ongoing beta level access to improvements via subversion.

News and Release Notes

General announcements for Rubicon developers are here, including information about database bridges and support for new releases of compilers from Embarcadero.

Detailed release notes are here.

Requirements and/or Compatible Software

Delphi XE8 through Delphi 11 in year 2021, plus C++Builder for the same releases.
The strongest database component bridge support is for FireDAC which is included with Delphi. Generally, we support ADO and IBExpress immediately when a new Delphi release comes out, and within a few weeks we also support the other third party bridges, namely ElevateDB, IBObjects, NexusDB, Direct Oracle Access, UniDAC and ZeosLib.

Available Media

Setup file by electronic download

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