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22-Dec-2019 Pacific Standard Time


Please read this page before you decide whether you want to use the Rubicon Lite or Eval edition.

All Rubicon editions work with the FREE Delphi Community Edition "CE."*

FREE Rubicon Editions and Their Limits

Evaluation Edition

The FREE evaluation version of Rubicon is on hold for a few more months.

Download Eval Edition: Not yet available for Delphi 10.3.3

Lite Edition

The lite edition uses the same files as the evaluation edition. A lite license never expires. There is no timeout. The lite edition is suitable for small, personal applications, education/training situations, and rare small-scale commercial applications. The limitations to the lite edition are:

  • Source code is not included
  • Your must compile with packages
  • The Words table may not contain more than 1500 words.
  • There is a 1.5 second delay on all searches.
  • FireDAC, IBExpress and ADO bridge components are available.
  • FireDAC example projects are ready.

Download Lite Edition: for D26 Delphi 10.3.3

Details on Components and Database Engines

Check the Rubicon News Page.

Rubicon Videos

Our You-Tube Channel has free training videos about Rubicon.

Prefer to buy a license?

Enter the online shopping system via the Rubicon Product Info Page. Rubicon is licensed per-developer and there are no runtime fees.


* One feature ( TrbMatchMaker ) works most easily if you have TClientDataset support via the midaslib unit, and that is in Delphi Enterprise.

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