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02-Jun-2020 Pacific Standard Time

FREE Rubicon Editions and Their Limits

All Rubicon editions work with the FREE Delphi Community Edition "CE."*

Lite Edition

The lite edition uses the same files as the evaluation edition. A lite license never expires. There is no timeout. The lite edition is suitable for small, personal applications, education/training situations, and rare small-scale commercial applications. The limitations to the lite edition are:

  • Source code is not included
  • Your must compile with packages
  • The Words table may not contain more than 1500 words.
  • There is a 1.5 second delay on all searches.
  • FireDAC, IBExpress and ADO bridge components are available.
  • FireDAC example projects are ready.

Download Lite Edition: for D27 Delphi 10.4.4

Evaluation Edition

The FREE evaluation version of Rubicon is on hold, probably until August 2020.

Download Eval Edition: Not yet available for Delphi 10.4

Details on Components and Database Engines

Check the Rubicon News Page.

Rubicon Videos

Our You-Tube Channel has free training videos about Rubicon.

Prefer to buy a license?

Enter the online shopping system via the Rubicon Product Info Page. Rubicon is licensed per-developer and there are no runtime fees.


* One feature ( TrbMatchMaker ) works most easily if you have TClientDataset support via the midaslib unit, and that is in Delphi Enterprise.

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