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RBC General Notes: Rubicon Details for Delphi Developers

As of 20-Jan-2022 03:59 New York time

Latest version: 4.071

  • RAD Studio Delphi 11 support

  • Rubicon Showcase at Desktop First UX Summit
    We have made a new webinar to showcase Rubicon as used with FireDAC and SQLite. It is a 15 minute presentation. Many thanks to Embarcadero for making this available on-demand during the recent online conference.
    Watch on

  • Full Source - for Rubicon Customers
    Rubicon customers who have a (free) account at may request access to the Rubicon subversion "SVN" repository with history back to year 2009. This will let you compile existing Rubicon projects with the latest Delphi compiler.
    since 04-July-2017

  • RAD Studio Delphi 10.4.2 support
    Rubicon v4.062 supports Delphi 10.4.2.
    The Lite installer supports FireDAC and is available now. Goto Downloads – thanks!

  • FireDAC with PostgreSQL
    Rubicon v4.055 has improved support for FireDAC with PostgreSQL databases.

  • Rubicon with FireMonkey
    Using RAD Studio XE4+ with FireMonkey and Rubicon v4.028+ is possible with a range of target platforms.
    The example project uses the IBExpress bridge. You could change the demo project to use another bridge such as FireDAC.
    Look for example programs under the usual r_samples folder.
    Compile FireMonkey projects with compiler conditional FMACTIVE.

To create your FREE lite or evaluation license code, use the unlock application.

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