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Rubicon Moves: HREF Tools Acquires Rubicon Full Text Search

HREF Tools Acquires Rubicon Full Text Search, Plans Delphi 2009 Support by April 2009

Tamarack Associates is pleased to announce that HREF Tools Corp. has acquired the development and marketing rights to the Rubicon 2 Full Text Search Engine library of Delphi components. The Rubicon search engine was first released in 1996 and quickly became the leading search engine for Delphi and C++ Builder developers. Rubicon components are used in a wide range of applications created by firms ranging in size from independent developers to Fortune 500 companies.

Tamarack Associates has a long history of working with HREF Tools. The companies have cross licensed and marketed each other's components since 1997. "The key factors in selecting HREF Tools to continue the development of Rubicon was their outstanding reputation, sole focus on Delphi components, and the trust between us that has grown over the years" according to Deven Hickingbotham, President of Tamarack Associates.

"HFEF Tools is excited about this opportunity to expand our line of Delphi components," said Ann Lynnworth, President of HREF Tools Corp., adding that "HREF Tools has already released a set of Delphi 2007 upgrade components for Rubicon and Delphi 2009 support is planned for beta release by mid-March, 2009. This release will initially be for DBExpress, BDE, Interbase and ADO."

To purchase a new license for Rubicon, please visit

Rubicon technical support questions should be sent via The online CodeGear newsgroup search application hosted on Tamarack's web site will soon be moved to HREF Tools servers and will continue to showcase the powerful search features of Rubicon.

HREF Tools Corp. ( is a leading developer of Delphi web development tools. Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Santa Rosa, California, HREF Tools offers a range of Delphi components and utilities for web developers and web server owners. Their flagship product, WebHub, is ideal for teams of web developers who wish to separate page design from logic, and who need to deliver sites which will be skinned for multiple clients and/or translated into multiple languages.

Tamarack Associates ( is also a developer of Delphi components with an increasing emphasis in on large scale image management applications and tools. A long time CodeGear Development Partner, Tamarack is based in Palo Alto, California.


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