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IIS-Backup News: News about the IIS Backup and Restore Utility

  • IIS Backup v2.0.8.5, minor update
    This version has slighly more informative messages in the error log files. In particular, you should see the name of the backup machine listed. Usually this is 'localhost' but could be another machine on your LAN.

  • IIS Backup v2.0.8.4, minor update for WinXP

  • IIS Backup v2.0.7.3 respects -q switch
    The recent wizard incarnation of IISBackup did not quit automatically from the -q quit switch, as it had in version 1. Now it does again.

  • IIS Backup v2.0.5.0 is a minor update
    Added a menu option: Help > Submit Feedback.

  • IIS Backup v2.0.4.0 is a minor update
    Added German and French translations.

  • IIS Backup v2 is a major update
    Wizard style interface makes it much easier to backup and restore sites.
    Entire interface is available in English, Chinese, Español and Português.
    User manual has been revised.

  • IIS Backup v1.5.0.0 is a minor update
    This version fixes an issue relating to the path to IIS log files. As you may know, that path is generated by IIS. In IIS Manager, you are able to control the parent path, but not the precise path. The precise path is based on the Web Site ID, which is outside your control unless you want to run a cscript to modify it.
    Previously, IIS Backup would use new Web Site ID numbers when restoring, in order to avoid overwriting any pre-existing sites on the target machine.
    Now with v1.5, in restore mode, it will attempt to use the same Web Site ID number so that if you restore onto a clean machine, you will end up with the same numbers as before and therefore your IIS log paths will remain unchanged.

    Version 1.5 also fixes a problem with non-English web sites. Previously it was not possible to restore, for example, web sites on a Chinese version of Windows XP. Now that (and all other languages) work fine.

  • IIS Backup v1.4.1 is a minor update
    Bug fix relating to backing up service extensions, when used on Windows 2000 Advanced Server.

  • IIS Backup v1.4 is a major update
    IIS6 to IIS6 restores correctly.
    IIS7 to IIS7 restores correctly.
    IIS6 to IIS7 restores correctly.
    IIS7 to IIS6 restores correctly. New IIS7 properties are skipped.
    Restores AppPools.

    Also, fixed bug in restore and automatic site path change.


  • IISBackup Reference manual updated
    The POP3 backup and restore feature has been fully documented.

  • IISBackup v1.2 includes backup of POP3 accounts
    If you use Microsoft's email server, you may be even MORE interested in IISBackup because now it can backup and restore mailboxes as well as web site details

  • IISBackup minor update
    fixed a bug: certification warning appeared too often

Latest Version

The latest version of IIS Backup is v2.0.8.5 released on 3-October-2011.

This is a FREE UPGRADE for existing customers.


A direct download link is on the product information page

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