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Designed for...

Delphi, C++Builder and FreePascal programmers

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Overview and Benefits

"TPack is Delphi squared" -- Phil Foty, Borland System Engineer, ~1995

TPack builds on Delphi to give you even more productivity. TPack includes over 50 components that solve common problems or demonstrate interesting design ideas. It also includes many utility functions (see online docs and look at the units starting with "uc" for utility code).

The string functions in ucString are great - everything I've ever needed to do with strings is in there. I also love the AppendTo log file commands in ucLogFil.
-- Michael Strong, Delphi developer, Australia, ~1997


  • Full Source
  • Provides over two dozen handy string functions.
  • Provides a convenient interface to Raize CodeSite, with shortcuts that enable minimal-overhead logging to LOG files or maximum-usability Raize CodeSite format.
  • Includes interprocess communication classes.
  • Builds on ZaphodsMap to saves and restores all edit box values, which is extremely handy for initializing defaults in utility programs.
  • TtpProject which enables well-organized projects that compile with and without GUI units; as-service or regular; with or without standard and custom modules. TtpProject is used extensively in WebHub projects but it can help in any situation where you want one project to compile with and without GUI.
  • As of November 2012, source code is guaranteed to compile in Delphi 2009 through Delphi XE3. Most of the code still works with Delphi 7 through Delphi 2007, plus Kylix, plus FreePascal. The non-visual utility code works with FireMonkey in XE3. Packages are not provided nor tested for C++Builder but the source should be usable in C++Builder too.
  • Allows you to make your application run in the Tray (see the TtpTrayIcon component).

TPack - it is everywhere!

All of HREF Tools' in-house applications and almost all products were built with TPack. It is an excellent foundation for everything from software components to entire products.

Download FREE Trial Version

The WebHub components include TPack DCUs. If you wish to evaluate TPack independently from WebHub, please contact Customer Service. There are some beginner demonstration projects with selected FREE TPack units available via Code Central, cc.embarcadero.com.


An online reference covers all units, components, properties, methods and events.

Upgrade Policy

After you license TPack Source you may have free electronic upgrades for at least two (2) years.

Technical Support

Support for TPack is available via our newsgroups; connect to hreftools.public.webhub.support after obtaining a newsgroup account.

Source Code Availability

Some but not all of WebHub is available with source. Some source is automatically included. Maximum source is available through a separate license called "WebHub Useful Source."

News and Release Notes

TPack release notes are included within the WebHub release notes at http://www.href.com/pub/relnotes.

Requirements and/or Compatible Software

☑ Delphi or C++Builder XE4 through 10.1 Berlin
☑ 5 MB disk space

Available Media

Electronic download.

To Order

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