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Availability: Latest build information for WebHub products


Archive of WebHub Release Notes: here.

Most Recent Stable Release

Updated 8-Dec-2023

WebHub v3.287 Setup installers are online for customers with an active subscription.

Unfortunately we are having trouble with the FTP server at the moment. We can easily give you HTTPS access upon request to Customer Service, or check back in a few weeks. The delivery system will end up refactored to avoid the need for FTP.

Evaluation: For a Free/Trial/Evaluation copy, please apply here for an FTP login, and expect a reply within one business day, often sooner.

Compiler Support for WebHub

To learn the compiler numbers associated with various versions of Delphi, please see the Delphi DocWiki for a complete chart of compiler defines and product releases.

Compiler Abbreviation Supported until Opinion Platforms BDS
Delphi 12 D29 Use WebHub v3.287+ vcl: win32 and win64 23.0
Delphi 11 D28 Use WebHub v3.280+. Designed for Windows 11; has high DPI support which is not relevant for WebHub but may be of interest for your other projects. vcl: win32 and win64 22.0
Delphi 10.4 Sydney D27 Use WebHub v3.278+. vcl: win32 and win64 21.0
Delphi 10.3.3 Rio D26 May 2023 Use WebHub v3.276+. vcl: win32 and win64 20.0
Delphi 10.2 Tokyo D25 July 2021 Use WebHub v3.269+.
This is the long-awaited compiler release with non-gui Linux64 support. Initially WebHub will support win32 and win64 as usual. Adjustments for use with Linux are in progress.
CC 30752 provides BDE for Tokyo
vcl: win32 and win64; (linux64 support in progress for WebHub) 19.0
Delphi 10.1 Berlin
update 2
D24 Dec-2018 Use WebHub v3.251+.
The Delphi Setup is definitely easier to use.
CodeSite Express can be installed from the IDE, using the menu: Tools > GetIt.
Re TAmazonStorageService, see the standalone WebHub demo project for implementation details.
There is no BDE support with WebHub for D24.
vcl: win32 and win64 18.0
Delphi 10 Seattle D23 Use Webhub v3.231+. No BDE packages are included for WebHub even though there is a win32 BDE installer available for DX10.
CodeSite Express can be installed from the IDE, using the menu: Tools > GetIt.
Some DX10 IDE dialogs (including Project > Options) are unusable on Win 8.1 with Windows scaling set to something other than 100%, e.g. 125%. 110% may be a compromise for some people. No problem on Windows 10. Someone posted a workaround on Code Central.
vcl: win32 and win64 17.0
Delphi XE8 D22 Use Webhub v3.225+.
Easy VCL upgrade. The System.Hash unit is new in XE8 and extremely helpful if you want to work with Amazon S3 and CloudFront.
vcl: win32 and win64 16.0
Delphi XE7 upd 1 D21 … Dec 2016 * Use Webhub v3.219 through v3.268.
TThread gets cross-platform parallel for-loop support. FireMonkey is becoming much more usable. The TWebBrowser component is viable on Android and iOS for wrapping WebHub application URLs. The BDERTL is a separate download.
vcl: win32 and win64 15.0
Delphi XE6.1 D20 … Dec 2016 Use WebHub v3.213 through v3.268. Note: the name of the JSON unit has changed from DBXJSON to JSON. BDE: final reminder to migrate to FireDAC or another database access system. vcl: win32 and win64 14.0
Delphi XE5 update 1 D19 … Dec 2016 * Use v3.204 through v3.268. All FireDAC units and classnames have been renamed by Embarcadero. StrToUInt64Def added to SysUtils. vcl: win32 and win64
Delphi XE4 D18 … June 2016 * Use v3.188 through v3.258.
Embarcadero FireDAC and IBExpress are both available as a separate download. Developers are advised to read the White Paper.
No updates after WebHub v3.258. *
vcl: win32 and win64
Delphi XE3 update 2 D17 April 2016 * Use WebHub v3.174 to 3.254. vcl: win32 and win64
Delphi XE2 update 4 D16 August 2014 * Finally, 64-bit support. Use WebHub v2.164+. win32 and win64
Delphi XE D15 April-2014 * Nice upgrade. Love Subversion. win32
Delphi 2010 D14 March 2013. * IProviderSupport added. win32
Delphi 2009 D12 Unicode starts here. No updates after WebHub v2.183. * win32
Delphi 2007 D11 No updates after WebHub v2.170* win32
Delphi 2006 D10 stopped Oct-2010 win32
Delphi 2005 D09 stopped Oct-2010 win32
Delphi 8 D08 never supported
Delphi 7 D07 No updates after WebHub v2.170 Excellent, fast IDE for non-unicode work. win32
Delphi 6 D06 No updates after WebHub v2.104 win32
Free Pascal FPC 2.6 In-house only. Much of TPack source compiles for FPC. Will reactivate this once FPC 2.7 has easy sufficient support for UnicodeString as the default string. various
* If you need to keep using an old Delphi compiler after we stop shipping installers for it, you do still have two options. (a) Entering into a source-code-access contract, payable quarterly. Contact technical support for more information. (b) Using a 20-year development license for the particular version of WebHub and Delphi; see HREFShop
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