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WH 1995-1999: Archive of Technical WebHub News

This archive covers announcements about WebHub from November 1995 through May 1999.
  • May 26-28, 1999: WebHub International Conference in Mannheim, Germany.

  • March 27, 1999: Three new Delphi add-on products: Alexei's TOleDragDrop, UnitOOPS OLE Drag and Drop, and Alexei's DHTMLEventHandler.

  • March 26, 1999: WebHub v1.720 is available for Delphi 3 and 4, registered users.

  • February 26, 1999: The WebHub Wizard is available for Delphi 4!!

  • January 30, 1999: The new version of the WebHub Developer's Manual is ready.

  • November 19, 1998: WebHub v1.640+ includes a new parser that supports much greater nesting of macros, putting comments into macros, and using multi-line macros. In-house we have already found this to give us an incredible productivity boost.

  • September 11, 1998: An updated version of TwhRubiconSearch is now available for Rubicon2. Free upgrades to registered users; contact Customer Service.

  • September 4, 1998: WebHub Power HTML v1.603 is shipping.

  • July 13, 1998: WebHub VCL v1.600 is shipping for Delphi 4 - free trial and for registered users.

  • July 10, 1998: Form to HTML Converter is now available for Delphi 2, 3 AND 4, and C++Builder 3 users!

  • June 15, 1998: WebHub v1.50 is announced! Press Release.

  • June 14,1998: Form to HTML Converter available for Delphi and C++Builder programmers!

  • June 9, 1998: Rubicon Professional is available through HREF Tools. Combine that with TwhRubiconSearch for fast, effective full-text searches on the web, using Delphi and WebHub.

  • May 20, 1998: The WebHub Coolness Layer is now available! This is special ISAPI filter gives you "cool" URLs.

  • April 6, 1998: The Hub v1.43+ runs as a service and survives login/logout. WebHub v1.443 is available today for download in all versions (Delphi 2, Delphi 3, registered and trial.)

  • March 24, 1998: WebHub v1.42 for Delphi 3 is shipping for trial and registered users.

  • January 30, 1998: An updated webhub.hlp file is available for free download. This contains hundreds of new entries on the tPack classes and components, more guidance for WebHub beginners.

  • January 21, 1998: The WebHub Shopping Cart Jump Start Project is shipping, with its own user manual.

  • October 8: Branding will forever change the way you design sites that need to be in search engines while retaining dynamic features. Branding is part of WebHub 1.24+.

  • October 2: WebHub version 1.24 is fully compatible with NT 4 SP3.

  • October 1: FREE WebHub Trial Version 1.23 is shipping for Delphi 3!

  • Sept 15: There is a major new release out, available as WebHub version 1.27.

    Significant new features include:

    • You may run the Hub and your custom EXEs as services.
    • There is a new HTML editor with search and replace, shortcuts for entering WebHub syntax, and more.
    • There is a new WebHub Project Wizard that enables one to quickly create full-featured applications using the WebHub panels.
    • There are new entry-level demos; you may preview these on
    • You can put comments into your WebHub-HTML using // and they will never leave your server.
    • Several new built-in macros for webmasters.
    • Much more! The full release notes are posted in the customer download area.

    This is the first paid upgrade since WebHub first shipped in October 1995.

  • Sept. 7: We confirmed that WebHub 1.04 is compatible with Microsoft Personal Web Server on Win 95 as well as with MS IIS 4 (beta).

  • Sept 1: WebHub 1.06 is compatible with the Advantage Database Server product from Extended Systems. This BDE replacement gives you client/server functionality with FoxPro and other .dbf files.

  • June 16: WebHub Release 1.04 is available for customers and trial users. There are files for Delphi 2 and 3. This release is free to customers.

  • May 20: WebHub Version 1.00 is available for download by customers for Delphi 2 and 3.

  • May 7: Version 0.925 is available for customers. The most important aspects to this release are (a) refinements in the hub and runners, and (b) a fully reusable user interface across the hub, all demos, and optionally any of your own projects.

  • March 18: Version .911 This release is available for customer download, along with a demonstration project that shows off the new TWebRubicon component for full-text searches over the web.

  • January 27, 1997: Version .9 The trial build is off to CD manufacturing now, and is posted for immediate download. The registered build will follow tomorrow. The main enhancements were to the Hub user interface. On the documentation side, the help file has a about 200 new entries and the tutorial has been completely upgraded to match this version.

  • December 19: EEP 8.95 There has been a lot going on behind the scenes at HREF during the last couple months. A combination of the 8.94 hub + runners plus the new 8.95 components are available for customers and free trial. Feature highlights on the new components:
    • cloned datasets support third-party products derived from TDataSet such as InfoPower
    • TwhPicture now helps you generate graphics for buttons (prev, next, home, etc.) so you can quickly make all the files for a consistent user interface
    • Web Action components can live in any form or data module (i.e. they can move out of the main form of the project)
    • no more workarounds for using data modules, and all the components refresh completely on their own now (bug fix)
    • sample webaction component which gives you a user interface for an alphabetical index into any database
    • lots more...

  • October 27: EEP 8.94 Interim release for customers only.

  • September 28: EEP 8.91 The files for trial and registered users are ready for download.

  • September 11: Pricing and trial policy changes with 8.9 The trial period has been extended to July 4th of next year. The trial hub will support 1 custom webapp.

  • September 10: WebHub EEP 8.86 Full press release is here...
    This version is now available for customers and free trial users to download. The expiration date is October 31, 1996.

    What's hot: VRML demo that also shows extensive user interface control, using frames, written with only WebHub chunks and macros; no custom cgi programming required. Also: new TwhdbForm component provides an Instant Form for any record in a table. That is demonstrated in the HTSAMP demo.

  • September 3: WebHub EEP 8.83 Posted... Thanks to everyone who contributed on our listserv with bug reports and suggestions. The connected panel connects easily now; we are running on Win95 at least for testing purposes; the runners can serve unlimited files for use with VRML; ISAPI support remains strong; macros keep getting better; all those broken links in webhub.hlp are fixed.

August 17: Trial of WebHub EEP 8.8e: Posted. Memory leaks are out, the Hub has e-mail and there are enhanced features for security.

August 2: trial version 8.6: Available for download. The full multi-surfer ISAPI runner is included. This version is supported on win NT only.

July 28: version 8.6 for customers: We are off to the Borland Developers Conference. We left a new build, EEP 8.6, for customers to download. This includes the multi-surfer ISAPI runner and some component fixes. Release notes are in the version file.

July 15: Kits shipping: Quick Start Kits are shipping for version 8.5a.

July 7: Free Trial of EEP 8.5a: Hub, Components and User Manual are available for your review now. Demos have been upgraded to 8.5a!

July 1: Version EEP 8.5 update: EEP 8.5a files are shipping to customers.

Please bear with us as the content of this site shifts from version 8.41.3 to 8.5....

May 14: Quick SQL demo: See HTQRY3 in the free demos -- surfer enters SQL and that runs against the table of your choice. This will work with any Paradox or dBase table, or use Delphi Client/Server to connect to SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Interbase tables if you want. Output to the web is handled by the TwhdbGrid component and displays in a scrollable HTML table.

May 13: Update on the free demos: The two newest demos are: listserv signup and a fairly sophisticated e-mail demo that does form-to-e-mail, form letters with mail merge of data from the web, and integration with PolyForm .pf files.

These are free e-mail solutions that you can run with the trial version of the Hub System (expires 6/30).

March 4, 1996: Version EEP8.3 is out, with 32-bit code for registered users.

February 18: Preliminary releases of WebHub version EEP8 are posted.

Really hot in EEP8:

  • support for more servers -- Netscape, Spry, WebSite (not Microsoft yet!!)
  • maitre d' hub -- can bounce requests to multiple machines
  • media server support -- cycle requests for large files across machines
  • Hub Apps -- one of your apps can have its static pages handled immediately by the Hub
  • micro charging -- use macros to charge surfers for items linked on a page
  • new webhub starter project makes it Really Easy to start a new web-app
  • oh yeah, there's a Java demo in the samples now; it shows how surfer data can be passed as parameters to a Java applet.

January 14: We are now shipping the WebHub Quick Start Kit -- it contains the software and documentation you'll need to get started building interactive web sites.

December 31: Happy New Year!! An updated set of WebHub trial components for Delphi programmers is now available!!! This set will last until February 15, 1996...

December 21: Beta 7 shipped to WebHub customers.

December 19: The Fish Store got some new features, including an e-mail test page, graphics on-the-fly, and a string grid. We continue to provide full source code to the Fish Store so that you can learn to make interactive web sites with WebHub as easily as possible.

November 28: There's now a new version of the WebHub trial components for Delphi, plus an update for all registered customers. The new trial version does not expire until 12/31/95, and you can create .exe's that interact with a browser such as Netscape or Mosaic.

Included in this release are the new components for email, pgp, outlines, custom graphics, and more. The TwhMail component can now send encrypted messages based on 'lines' and a parameter stored in app.defaults; and the TwhMailForm component handles the ever-popular form-to-email function. It's been improved so that you can send form StringVars, cgi environment data, cgi system data plus session object data.

Using the built in support for pgp-dos (and soon viacrypt/windows), you're able to receive orders or information supplied by a prospect through a secure channel.

November 26: Help files are finally happening -- for the Delphi components.

November 9: First release of the trial WebHub components for Delphi programmers...

November 2: First release of the Trial Application to help you interactively learn how WebHub constructs pages on the fly, using chunks and macros.

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