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2.00 Release: Benefits of Using WebHub v2.00

  Highlights for Customers Upgrading from WebHub 1.x
  • Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP are now supported for development and deployment.
  • Long-term uptime enables you to run WebHub applications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ("24x7") without rebooting the server.
  • New remote control feature lets you start, stop and refresh your WebHub applications from a web browser.
  • Support for Borland Delphi 6. (WebHub v2.012+ supports Delphi 7)


  • Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP are now supported for development and deployment
    Although NT and 2000 are recommended for deployment due to the superior stability of the operating system, WebHub now runs fine on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4 workstation and server, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

  • Long-term uptime enables you to run WebHub applications 24x7
    Using the combination of the v2.0 Hub, runner and WebHub application, you will find your system to be extremely stable, even when running 24x7 for months on end. Three specific issues have been resolved: "integer overflow", "range check error", and the writing of small, numbered temporary files into the Hub's directory.

  • New remote control feature lets you start, stop and refresh your WebHub applications from a web browser.
    WebHub Control Panel is a web application that will let you control the hub from the web. The AppID is WHCP and it must be run as a HubApp. This web application will let you start/stop, refresh, switch AppID on running web applications, and let you edit settings. The refresh and switch AppID functions require that you have recompiled the web applications you want to perform this action on. By default, no login accounts are defined as a security measure.

  • Updated ISAPI runner
    The latest runisa.dll features file uploading (including binary files), and super fast performance (suitable for sites using HTML Frames). The inbuilt echo page in all runners (isapi, cgi-win and cgi-bin) can now be turned off by setting the registry entry.

  • Ease of development when you compile with more than one version of Delphi
    The directories ht\lib32 and ht\htfrm have been merged into a single directory called ht\lib. The ht\lib directory has subdirectories for compiler specific DCUs, making it much easier to switch between multiple versions of Delphi.

    The simplified directory layout in WebHub v2.0 also makes it easier for you to find demos and utilities.

  • Clearer version information
    The runners and hub now contain their version data. View this information in Explorer using Properties | Version.

  • W-HTML Editor more flexible for use with version control and team development systems
    W-HTML editor will confirm before overwriting read-only files.

  • Installation INI files simplified
    For new installations, a single ht\bin\hub.ini file contains everything that was in winnt\href.ini plus ht\hubmain.ini. Existing installations will run unchanged with the version 1.x files.

  • Enhanced TwhdbListBox and TwhDropDown
    Attributes properties added to the components TwhdbListBox and TwhDropDown. Using this property you can add additional HTML to the SELECT tag.

  • BOUNCER macro
    The BOUNCER macro provides a randomized session number as part of the redirected URL. Use this to outsmart web browsers that are caching pages too much. (Note: BOUNCER was added in v1.8, and is included in v2.0.)

  • Enhanced treatment of rejected sessions
    When surfers come in with a URL containing an old session number, WebHub bounces them to the same app and page with a new session number. WebHub version 2 additionally notes the requested command and includes that in the bounce.

  • Enhanced InputCheckbox macro
    The InputCheckbox macro now supports macros within the checkbox name.

  • New Hub Registration Process v2.008
    Especially for developers relicensing the Hub to third parties, the new Hub Registration dialog offers greater ease of use, including automatic calculation of capacity based on the serial number.

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bug in TwhdbScan for cases where PageHeight was set to 0. Setting PageHeight to 0 will now show all records.
    • 21-days issue in runner is fixed.
    • Using Ampersand in forms posted as multipart/form-data would result in the ampersand part and the rest of the literal would be discarded.
    • Posting forms with multipart/form-data doesn't result in CrLfs being added to the StringVars in the form.
    • Problems with frames and the ISAPI runner should now be fixed. (awaiting confirmation on this)
    • Posting up to 48kb of data in a form is fixed. To post more than 48kb of data, set CgiUseHandle to True in your TwhAppBase component. File uploads can be of any size.
    • Files uploaded via forms will now go to the directory specified as the temporary directory under Windows.
    • Fixed access violation bug in TwhdbSource that would sometimes occur at design time.
    • Fixed access violation caused by an open search dialog in a web application when the app is closed.
    • Fixed cloning bug in TwhdbSource under D5.
    • Thanks to the research by Ken Green of Tibersoft, we were able to pinpoint and eliminate a set of small memory leaks in TwhSession. This leak only occured when a new session is created.
    • Fixed interprocess communication which led to the Hub exiting extremely slowly after a week or more of use. Note: upgrade your Hub, runner and apps to address this issue.


  Known Issues
  • HubLog is no longer shipping, and the runners will NOT work with HubLog. Use your web server's logging facility, and optionally the utility called LogFixup which ships with WebHub v2 in the utils directory.
  • As of version 2, hub capacity license codes work based on the number of CPUs in the server. For example, if you had a 10-module code and you use it with a v2 Hub on a 2-CPU server, it will allow 5 WebHub applications to connect. If you had a 5-module code, it will allow 3 WebHub applications to connect.
  • Note: in web applications compiled with WebHub 1.x, on a multiprocessor machine with a version 2 Hub, the TwhApplication.Capacity property will not reflect the version 2 capacity rules and will thus display the "wrong" answer.


  How to Upgrade - Technical Notes

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