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Portfolio Intranet: Intranet sites that were built with WebHub

This page details Intranet sites built with WebHub.


EDS Global Ticketing System ("GTS")

The Vendor Management Center at EDS dispatches and manages the EDS and 3rd party technicians who do PC break/fix repair for EDS customers. GTS sends tickets directly to the technicians via their pagers. The technicians then come into GTSWeb to provide ticket updates.

[x] From 500 to 2500 technicians use this system..
[x] GTSWeb replaced two previous methods that were not Y2K compliant.
[x] Database-driven.

Contact: unknown
Site: intranet/private


e-procurement (Germany)

e-procurement solution for the SRH group in Heidelberg, a Germany-wide holding, specialized in healthcare and education.

[x] German audience.
[x] Built with Prototyper by
[x] Database-driven.

Contact: Hans-Joerg Czernotzky via
Site: private/intranet

U.S. District Court

CPP runs on the District Court intranet. It is the web interface to our Court Personnel Program. It allows employees to submit leave requests, and view their leave balances, and their leave taken. It allows supervisors to approve leave requests. This also allows supervisors to look up emergency information on employees if the need arises.

[x] Used by the District Clerk Office, Northern District of Texas.
[x] Database-driven (Paradox)

Contact: Cheryl Wiles via Texas US Courts
Site: private/government


Medical training and examination

This application service solves the problem of presenting medical cases for study in a highly innovative approach. The application server automatically produces the educational program from the data in the database, including text and illustrations.

[x] Remote learning within faculty Intranet.
[x] Database-driven (Interbase)

Contact: ROISoftware
Site: private


Employee Web Site

This site allows employees to clock in and out, and view their break and lunch schedule. There is a company calendar, a phone extension listing, and a company handbook.

[x] Built by in-house developer.

Contact: Wayne Blosat via
Site: private

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