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Portfolio USA: Public, commercial web applications developed in the USA

WebHub has been used to create a wide variety of online applications. On this page we feature public, commercial sites that were built in the United States.


REO Portal

The REO Portal provides innovative, industry-leading tools for servicers and asset managers to manage the entire process of REO disposition, optimizing communication, automating task management, and centralizing data.

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[x] Database-driven




The NetFile system is a series of applications designed for the management and coordination of political campaign and lobbyist financial data. NetFile automates the onorous requirements of California and Federal campaign financial disclosure law by automatically generating the Financial disclosure documents required by the California Fair Political Practices Commission and the Federal Elections Commission. Sixty percent of the political organizations in California use NetFile to report their financial activity to the California Secretary of State as of October 2008.

[x] Audience: time-short political organizations (primarily in California)

[x] Business Model: annual subscription

[x] Components: WebHub v1.77

[x] Database: Firebird 1.5.3

[x] Skin: the appearance changes for rebranding on the behalf of the large law firm clients

Contact: David Montgomery


United Soccer Leagues

The web site of United Soccer Leagues is maintained by their communications department using a content-management system based on WebHub. The content is comprised of news articles, photos, and statistical results of all their league competitions.

[x] audience: nationwide, covering most of the professional and semi-pro soccer leagues in the US.

[x] database driven

[x] supports administrative users at different levels (league, team, player, referee)

[x] sample interior (generated) page:

Contact: Demosphere International

Commercial and Consumer Collection Services

This site enables credit managers to access their collection data online.

[x] Free to PRO Consulting clients.
[x] Runs over ADSL.
[x] Database-driven (dBase)

Site: url is private now

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