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Portfolio Int'l: Public, commercial web applications built around the world

Here we feature public, for-profit web applications built by WebHub programmers living in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia-Pacific.


My-Next-Home (Germany)

My-Next-Home offers real-time searches for homes and apartments in the competitive German market.

[x] FREE to site visitors; real estate agents pay to include listings.

[x] Database-driven with open-source Firebird SQL Database

[x] Uses StreamCatcher and other tools to achieve unusually high search engine ratings

Contact: Andreas Orth


Classic Fighters Airshow (NZ)

The Classic Fighters airshow is held every second year over the easter weekend in Omaka/Blenheim.

[x] Flash photo gallery content management system.

[x] Online ticket purchase

Contact: S. Kirchmair at

Online newspaper Noticias de Queretaro (Mexico)

About 1000 persons read this electronic newspaper daily. The content is updated each night before the newspaper goes to press, so readers can view the electronic newspaper before the hardcopy! INFOSel also supports a second newspaper using the same application service:

[x] Mexican audience.
[x] Nightly content changes.
[x] Database-driven

Contact: Roberto Bargagli
Site: now part of

Montessori Education (Australia)

Support Montessori Education in Australia by selling top quality products direct from the manufacturer.

[x] online store
[x] database driven

Contact: S. Kirchmair at



This site provides a wide variety of resources for people attending and creating tradeshows and expositions.

[x] International audience.
[x] Database-driven (Paradox and Access)

Contact: Andrew Fielden


New Zealand Science Monthly

Online magazine.

[x] Database-driven (Interbase) then generated as static pages.

Contact: WebCentre Ltd.

WorkPace (New Zealand)

Stress prevention and rehabilitation software.

[x] Database-driven (Interbase)

Contact: Peter Hyde

Daily Site Composer (New Zealand)

SciTech Daily is an award-winning portal site providing hot links to the best science and technology-related writing on the web. The offline application helps find, manage and check URLs and automatically generates the entire content for the site, ready to go online.

[x] Free for science buffs.


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