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Essential WebHub Software
     product information sheet WebHub Object Pascal Components  $389
Components, utilities, and ideas for building successful web application servers with Delphi; includes runtime licenses for development server and 1-cpu, 1-module deployment server.

     product information sheet WebHub Connectivity Layer  $99
The WebHub Connectivity Layer includes a process controller ("The Hub") and administration tools, plus interface files ("runners") for cgi-bin and ISAPI.

For Live, In-Production Servers
product information sheet StreamCatcher ISAPI Filter  $179
For Microsoft IIS: enables short URLs for WebHub while optimizing them for web robots; implements URL remapping and rewriting rules that help when phasing out old links; and more.

Delphi Source
     product information sheet Rubicon Professional  $199
Delphi Add-on providing sophisticated, optimized full text search capabilities for any DBMS that Delphi connects to.

    web site link ZaphodsMap, Free
Flexible software configuration system that avoids use of registry; compiles under win32, Dot Net and Kylix

     product information sheet TwhRubiconSearch  $0
Connects the Rubicon search components to the WebHub Components
FREE when Rubicon and WebHub licensed at the same time.

     product information sheet Credit Card routines  $3
Delphi functions that validate any credit card number and its expiration date

     product information sheet TPack Class Library  $159
Collection of over 40 reusable object pascal components and utility functions

     product information sheet WebHub ASync and WebAction Classes  $169
Delphi source code for many of the units in the WebHub Component library; includes all of TPack.

Windows Destop
     product information sheet FuzRegex  $35
shareware search and replace utility which supports regular expressions and is fully scriptable

  • WebHub
    Component-based Power and Flexibility
    Offering plug-n-play components for Delphi programmers and a custom extension for Dreamweaver, WebHub technology brings object-oriented elegance to the job of building interactive, CD-ROM, and static sites. This section offers you extensive introductory material about WebHub.
  • For Servers
    Software utilities which we developed for managing our own production web servers.
  • Delphi Source
    Components for Embarcadero Delphi (Object Pascal); some require WebHub.
  • Other
    Other products available through HREF Tools Corp.
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