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StreamCatcher: ISAPI Filter and Extension for URL Remapping, Request Analysis, etc.

Designed for...

Owners of an http server which supports ISAPI filters, i.e. Microsoft IIS.

Pricing Starts at $179

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Overview and Benefits

See for product details.

FREE Demo Info / Screenshots

See the Evaluation, Planning and Operations chapters of the StreamCatcher manual.

Download FREE Trial Version

StreamCatcher is FREE to download and all features are active on localhost. To test on domains other than localhost, contact StreamCatcher support for a FREE evaluation unlock code for 14 or 21 days.


An extremely detailed help file (HLP format), plus the StreamCatcher User Guide and Reference Manual in PDF format -- just over 100 pages.

Upgrade Policy

FREE upgrades for twelve months from date of last license purchase.

Version 1.8 is a PAID upgrade. Buy Now

Version 1.9 is a PAID upgrade. Buy Now for $89.

Technical Support

Support is available through

News and Release Notes

See StreamCatcher Notes for news about product development.

Requirements and/or Compatible Software

☑ StreamCatcher requires an http server running on the Microsoft Windows operating system.
☑ The web server software must support ISAPI filters and ISAPI extensions. Microsoft IIS version 6+ is supported.
☑ StreamCatcher requires approximately 1500k bytes in RAM.
☑ Software installation requires less than 4mb of hard disk space.

Available Media

Electronic Download

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