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What is WebHub?
WebHub is a complete framework for building and deploying dynamic, database-driven web sites on servers running Microsoft Windows NT.

WebHub is an affordable, high-performance, web site design software package, perfect for business owners. If you want to establish a presence on the Web, WebHub's versatility supports the creation of dynamic, interactive and easily sustained sites at an affordable cost.

Site types most commonly used by the on-line business community include:

1. Database applications
You can use the web as a platform for a somewhat traditional database application which might include data entry, processing, reports, and queries. This application will be able to run with any web browser, and therefore on Windows, Macintosh, and Unix machines. With WebHub, you can have open links to SQL and local tables, and can take advantage of Delphi's speed.

You can build a web application which is used on your internal network (Intranet). You can use the same WebHub application to drive your online database applications as to generate a static version of those databases on CD-ROM.

2. Public relations
From investment firms to medical care providers, many companies use their web sites as public relations vehicles by offering valuable information for existing and potential customers. Both promotional and educational, these web sites focus on the retrieval of useful information on your products, services and any additional educational materials you wish to provide. An example would be UPS or FedEx package tracking.

3. On-line sales
The most profitable commercial web sites use the web as a place to publish their catalog and to close sales. A WebHub application can easily assist the user in selecting items for purchase, because WebHub always saves state. The WebHub Shopping Cart Jump Start Package (discontinued) lets developers create online stores in days instead of weeks.

Managing customer service and financial transactions on the Internet in a safe and secure manner is one of the biggest concerns facing business owners. There are a variety of electronic commerce systems in various stages of discussion, development, and deployment right now.

4. Large corporate environment
Current market research shows that more in-house web sites are being built than public, commercial sites. Companies use the Web as a publishing medium because it offers great flexibility and is fundamentally cross-platform; browsers run on every Windows version, and on Macintosh and Unix.

WebHub offers the enterprise a way of publishing data that is now in databases such as Paradox, dBase, Access, FoxPro, as well as SQL server, Oracle, Interbase, and Sybase.

WebHub also offers the opportunity to build worldwide applications. If your sales team can connect to the Internet, they can run your application.

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