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UI vs Process: Separating the user interface from processing

WebHub makes it easy for you to separate your user interface from your data processing logic. The user interface might be HTML, Java, or JavaScript. The data processing logic might be in Pascal or SQL.

Traditional CGI and ISAPI web development systems have no mechanism for making this separation.

Why does this separation matter?
Ease of site maintenance! Let's say you want to change the name of your logo. Do you want to edit your program, recompile and deliver a whole new version, or would you rather just edit a macro definition? If you'd rather work with macros, WebHub is for you!

Subtle power is hidden in here, too. By separating the user interface from the processing, it is possible to create very generic web applications. When they run, they "take on a personality" for the particular situation. Imagine the same STORE.EXE using different macros for a hardware store and another set for a clothing store. That is entirely possible with WebHub. So if you are planning on writing a killer web application that is still highly customizable, do it in WebHub!

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