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Peter Murad: HREF Tools Board of Directors

Photo of Peter T. Murad
Available:  Mon-Sat, 7am to 6pm (-4 UTC)
Location:  Boston Massachusetts
Contact:  Skype: PTMurad
Cell phone: +1-617-905-8659


WebHub Junior Programmer

Network and Computer Maintenance

HREF History

Peter Murad joined the HREF Tools Board of Directors in 2021.

Peter has worked with WebHub since 2000.


Peter has a BSME from Tufts University and has been working as an IT consultant since 1992.


Peter has a background in creating warehousing and distribution software.


Peter's primary language is English. He speaks a little Spanish.

Superhero Title

Option Man.

There are always options in solving a problem.

Arch Enemy

The many little day to day things that get in the way of your focusing on the big problems.

Superhero Mission

To make things more efficient.

Personal Tidbit

Peter enjoys building things; from code, silicon or wood.

Quote of the Moment

"Patience is the support of weakness; impatience the ruin of strength."
Charles Caleb Colton

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