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WebHub: a New Paradigm for Web Development

WebHub is more than just a single application or a single user interface. It's a paradigm for web development that simplifies the process of building and maintaining web applications.

People with a long-term perspective understand the benefits of investing a bit more initial time in return for having a more powerful and easy-to-maintain system in the long run.

The WebHub paradigm provides these fundamental benefits:

  • save state
  • surfer tracking without using cookies
  • separation of page layout from program logic
  • scalability
  • very high performance
  • lots of built-in features, all designed for maximum code reuse and maintenance ease
  • extensibility when needed - your imagination is the limit on what is possible

  • Teamwork
    WebHub supports web sites that are developed by teams of specialists
  • Save-State
    What it is, why you need it, and how WebHub does it
  • UI vs Process
    Separating the user interface from processing
  • A HREF links
    WebHub includes page link macros. When you create a dynamic page, the macros expand to a complete URL, including the session number for surfer tracking
  • DB Support
    Database support
  • ASync
    Background Processing (async background threads)
  • Security
    WebHub security features
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