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Microsoft IIS

WebHub has worked well with Microsoft IIS since 1997 when the runisa.dll ISAPI extension came out. Usually this is the http server software of choice for production machines, because it is included with most operating systems that one would use for a production server, e.g. Windows 2012 Server.


Apache is the http server of choice for people who love Linux and open-source solutions. It sports a cgi-bin interface for which one would use the runbin.exe runner with WebHub. It also sports a fast-cgi interface which will be supported by a future edition of WebHub. Please talk to tech support if this interface is of crucial importance to you.


In general, you may use WebHub with any http server software which supports ISAPI or cgi-bin.

Importantly, if you decide tochange http server software at any point, you do not even need to recompile your WebHub application to make it work with the changed platform. The most you would have to do is add an http server definition, add a runner definition, and update the associated server profiles. This means, edit WHNetworkInfo.xml with a text editor or with ZMAdmin (roughly a five minute process).

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