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DB Support: Database support

In terms of specific database add-ons for Delphi, if the add-on product's TDataSet is a true descendent of Delphi's TDataset, then WebHub supports it directly. Thus WebHub has built-in support for Advantage Database Server and ODBCExpress. If the add-on product replaces Delphi's "dbtables" unit, then a custom build is required from HREF.

Custom applications built with the WebHub VCL support any database that Delphi* connects to, including the following database types:
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Informix
  • Interbase
  • Advantage Database Server, as of WebHub v1.10
  • Paradox
  • dBase
  • Access
  • anything through the Borland Database Engine (BDE)
  • anything through ODBC
*The Client/Server version of Delphi is not required unless you are connecting to a client/server database.

Database Features in the WebHub VCL

  • Generating table grids from a database (table or query)
  • Enabling scrolling grids
  • Generating and tracking checkboxes, radio buttons or input boxes within grids for easy shopping
  • Posting data to tables
Highlights for Database Programmers
If you have a great deal of experience with Paradox, dBase or other relational databases, you will be able to leverage those database design skills and provide a complete solution for your customers -- from managing the raw data that underlies the web site, to publishing it on-line and then integrating in survey responses, sales orders, etc. You can think of the browser as your ticket to the cross-platform market: Windows, Macintosh and Unix. You can write a Delphi application that runs under Windows, yet it can be used by people on all sorts of machines and operating systems.

WebHub manages multiple open DataSets automatically, encapsulated within the TwhdbSource component. Surfers scroll through result sets independently -- TQueries, TTables, or stored procedures.

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