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RemBoot 2.0 provides server administrators with an inexpensive, reliable and secure remote-reboot solution.

Santa Rosa, CA -- August 28, 2002 via BusinessWire -- HREF Tools Corp. (www.href.com) today announced that after 8 months of market testing and deployment by early adopters, Remote Reboot Utility version 2.0 ("RemBoot") is available. RemBoot enables one to use a web browser to securely restart a server running Windows NT, 2000 or XP [or Win2003 or Win2008 or Windows 7 or Vista].

RemBoot is extremely cost-effective compared to using dedicated hardware for power cycling a server, and compared to paying a technician to reboot a server on short notice. A 3-year RemBoot license for one server costs $39.95 [prices subject to change].

RemBoot is highly reliable. It runs as a dedicated service and was designed to run even when the operating system is almost completely out of resources and common remote control programs no longer function.

RemBoot is secure. All communication takes place over HTTPS, using Secure Sockets Layer. RemBoot only responds on a single IP number, port and path combination. Authenticated login is required, and all successful and attempted logins are saved in a history file for monitoring by an administrator.

RemBoot is quick to install, learn and use. There is a free online tutorial at http://remote-reboot.href.com/rsututor.

RemBoot may be controlled by multiple users, allowing for cooperation among technicians in different time zones, achieving 24x7 coverage of any server.

It takes only a few seconds to initiate a reboot using RemBoot; one brings up the text-only login form, enters username and password, and presses one button.

RemBoot initiates a "graceful" shutdown, sending each application a message requesting it to exit, and giving each application a full 20 seconds to respond. For any server with possibly open data files, this method is far preferable to a simple power-off, power-on solution.

HREF offers a full-featured, 30-day free trial of RemBoot. For full detail including screen shots, see http://www.href.com/rsu.

[Editor's Note: RemBoot was formerly named RSU, Remote Shutdown Utility. The name changed in 2007].


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