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HREF News Archive: News archive: company and software product news

You are now in the HREF news archive area. For current news, see this page instead.
  • GUI Separation: Prototype Done, In Progress
    We have worked out a way to separate the GUI aspect of TPack and WebHub components, into separate units. Essentially, the implementation of the Verbs of TtpComponents will be done in a unit separate from the component itself.
    You probably will not see this until mid- or late-April.
    When done, it will be possible to compile a non-gui WebHub application with zero dependency on the Forms unit.
    13-Mar-2009 15:50

  • WebHub v2.100 available
    Installers for version 2.100 are available on FTP now for customers.
    There are 3 major areas of improvement in v2.100. 1) ZMAdmin can maintain your application-level config files, with context-sensitive hints. 2) There is a web data source component for use with dbExpress (for testing). 3) The new-project wizard is wiser and is fully documented.
    21-Feb-2009 19:10

  • Ann Lynnworth to speak during Australian Delphi User Group Symposium
    April 2nd and 3rd 2009, two topics (ZaphodsMap and high-end web development); more details at the ADUG web site.
    16-Feb-2009 18:00

  • Delphi 2005, issue with SOAP patches
    Reference CodeGear download #24535
    We have upgraded our install-builder server to include these patches, impacting users of D09 ONLY.
    15-Feb-2009 15:00

  • Delphi 2007, issue with SimpleDS unit
    For Delphi 2007 users: WebHub components are now built with update 3, which is also known as release 2, i.e. all the latest patches.
    10-Feb-2009 17:00

  • Small step: cgi-bin runner compiles under Kylix 3
    We reached one small WebHub milestone today: the new-ipc cgi-bin runner compiles under Kylix for Linux. Have not yet tested it, nor tried to compile under FreePascal.
    The next, much bigger step, is to get the new Hub compiling under Kylix... More news as it happens.
    24-Jan-2009 23:30

  • WebHub for Delphi 2009 STATUS
    WebHub for Delphi 2009 installs, compiles and serves pages for all demos which have been tested (primarily SHOWCASE and ADV).
    Loading of English, German, French, Chinese and probably all other languages from WHTEKO files works. Syntax highlighting of non-English languages now also works.
    Output (to browser) of international content also seems to be working now.
    The new-project wizard has been rewritten and now supports the new approach of basing projects on TtpProject such that you can quickly change them to run as-service, with or without GUI, in preparation for use on ... those other operating systems.
    Customers will find the installer on ftp.
    12-Jan-2009 17:00

  • WebHub 2.100 Documentation Online
    The online reference for WebHub now includes content through WebHub 2.100.
    Names are truly stabilizing now. Do not give up hope of ever managing to upgrade your older WebHub applications! We have converted dozens and dozens of them, and will help you if needed (first 2 hours FREE).
    We have a number of scripts to help with the process (FREE).
    WebHub 2.100 pre-release is available on FTP.
    31-Dec-2008 22:40

  • Happy New Year!
    Wishing you a healthy and properous 2009.
    31-Dec-2008 22:00

  • Goodbye Delphi 6
    We will ship files for Delphi 6 through the end of May 2009. We strongly recommend upgrading to Delphi 2009.
    05-Dec-2008 07:27

  • Goodbye BDE
    We are STARTING the process of letting go of the Borland Database Engine and adopting dbExpress.
    Links to help you are here.
    04-Dec-2008 16:31

  • WebHub v2.099 available for customers
    Customers will find setup installers for v2.099 on ftp now.
    ZMAdmin has been improved significantly, and now enables editing and validation of WebHub configuration files, including your application-level config files. Hints provided for all settings.
    04-Dec-2008 15:00

  • HREF Tools will have a booth at CodeRage III online conference
    Our booth will open on December 1st.
    7-Nov-2008 20:05

  • NativeXML, ZaphodsMap for Delphi 2009
    We have ported NativeXml to Delphi 2009.
    The new-project wizard has been updated to support the new automatic loading of standard modules. You can now use the application-level config file to indicate which standard modules you want, e.g. the HTML Files panel, the Dreamweaver interface, etc.
    2-Nov-2008 15:20

  • Donate to Firebird Foundation
    join Firebird Foundation

    If you use Firebird SQL and have not made a donation to them in the past year, please do so now. Associate membership costs $50 a year; voting membership costs $300/year. Any donation, even $10, will show your support of this award-winning, open-source, cross-platform, high-power SQL database.
    06-Oct-2007 21:00

  • WebHub online reference: updated for v2.098
    Entries were made for almost all the new and changed features in WebHub v2.098. Please visit and if you need more details on any property, method, etc., please use the "ask a question" icon which is at the bottom of each entry.
    09-Sep-2008 21:45

  • WebHub v2.097 available for customers
    Customers will find setup installers for v2.097 on ftp now.
    10-Jul-2008 21:50

  • WebHub v2.096 available for customers
    Customers will find setup installers for v2.096 on ftp now.
    08-Jun-2008 19:05

  • WebHub documentation updated
    The WebHub component reference is now online and reasonably current. This online system replaces the webhub.hlp file.
    Many thanks to Joshua Gong for writing the WebHub application which serves the help database content.
    05-Jun-2008 03:55

  • Alert: users of WebHub v2.093, 2.094, 2.095
    The WHERE macro is obsolete. The DynURL.Current property was in vogue for a few months and has been replaced with DynURL.ToSessionIDW. If you were building your applications with these recent builds, please run a careful search and be sure to use the latest terminology with v2.095.
    05-Jun-2008 04:04

  • WebHub, new ipc prototype performance
    We have cross-platform base classes now for interprocess comms. We also have a prototype of the Hub, Runner and an App working, delivering the "adv" demo. Performance is now better than with the win32-only edition.

  • WebHub v2.094 available for customers
    Customers will find setup installers for v2.094 on ftp now.
    19-May-2008 19:30

  • Memory leaks found and fixed
    In the last week, we were able to reproduce and chase down several memory leaks. One has been in since v2.073 and the others are much older. One shows up only under high traffic. The v2.094 build is still being published as a pre-release because we are still testing. If you have the ability to test with us, on a non-production server, that would be most appreciated.
    17-Apr-2008 19:00

  • WebHub v2.093 available for customers
    Customers will find setup installers for v2.093 on ftp now.
    Includes very minor fixes; of primary importance is the change to AJAXTimedEvent.
    8-Mar-2008 19:40

  • Releasing updates to shareware utilities
    We are releasing documentation updates to RemBoot, IIS Backup, FuzRegex and StreamCatcher right now.

  • WebHub v2.092 available for customers
    Customers will find setup installers for v2.092 on ftp now.
    A number of features were added to the runner for v2.092, namely the ability to block file uploads larger than N kbytes; the ability to send files from a network share; new naming scheme for the temp files that appear during file upload.
    Detailed notes about all new features are in the release notes (links at the top of this page).
    27-Nov-2007 22:00

  • Maestro and Solo card support added
    Thanks to Sigi in New Zealand, we have support for detecting Maestro and Solo cards in the ccValid.pas unit. WebCCard has also been updated. Changes will ship in WebHub v2.092.

  • WebHub v2.091 available for customers
    Files are on FTP for Delphi 6 through 11 (Delphi 2007). This is an extremely minor upgrade.

  • WebHub Online Docs
    See for our new online documentation system.
    01-Oct-2007 10:00

  • General News
    There are currently two teams of developers working on WebHub for you. One team has been working on the IPC rewrite, which will FINALLY remove our dependency on the Windows operating system. The second team has been working on a new web application which presents documentation about WebHub, including all the content formerly in webhub.hlp plus all the technotes.
    31-Aug-2007 10:00

  • WebHub v2.090 available for customers
    Files are on FTP for Delphi 6 through 11 (Delphi 2007).

  • WebHub v2.089 available for customers
    Files are on FTP for Delphi 6 through 11 (Delphi 2007).

  • WebHub v2.088 available for customers
    Files are on FTP for Delphi 6 through 11 (Delphi 2007).

  • WebHub v2.087 available for customers
    Files are on FTP for Delphi 6 through 11 (Delphi 2007).

  • WebHub v2.086 available for customers
    Files are on FTP for Delphi 6 through 11 (Delphi 2007).
    05-Apr-2007 13:30

  • WebHub v2.085 supports multi-core CPUs
    The very latest release knows to count dual-core AMD and Intel chips as single processors. This means that your hub license for v2.085 costs half the price of previous editions, for anyone with dual-core equipment.
    23-Mar-2007 02:45

  • WebHub INI to XML converter wizard ready
    The WHZMConverter.exe is ready now for use in converting INI files to XML format, to make it easier to upgrade to WebHub v2.08x.
    19-Mar-2007 03:08

  • WebHub v2.084 tested on 8cpu server
    Thanks to one of our long-term customers, we had an opportunity to test the latest version of WebHub on a new 8cpu (Intel) server running Win2003 Web Edition this week. After a few false starts, everything ended up working. While many, many of our customers run WebHub sites very successfully on very inexpensive hardware, we thought you might like to know that WebHub runs on some very high-end platforms as well.
    8-Mar-2007 23:15

  • WebHub Help File edits have started
    A massive search and replace effort is underway, to bring the webhub.hlp file up to date with all the latest syntax and terminology. So far, we have the unit names almost cleaned up. There is a lot more to do. But at least this documentation project is finally off the ground.
    We have also expanded our documentation team to include someone who works only on typesetting issues. This means that as documentation content becomes available, we should be able to publish it better and faster for you.
    15-Feb-2007 00:30

  • Top 7 reasons to upgrade your WebHub projects
    1. Much better WebHub-HTML code readability
      The parentil affixes are easier to read than the original percent-equal affixes, especially when expressions are nested; the latest keywords are more standard in the industry, e.g. "Request" instead of "WebServer" and "Response" instead of "Output"; the .whteko syntax has several tags to encourage clarity, such as whdoc for documentation, whprep for non-visual initialization, and whsketch for design ideas that should be stripped from the production version automatically.
      New users should be able to get up to speed with .whteko syntax much more quickly than with the original syntax, especially if one takes the many "best practice" suggestions in the WebHub Designer for Dreamweaver manual to heart. That manual is current for WebHub v2.081.
      For existing sites, after a short (3 hour?) learning curve with syntax stage 0214, you should find the new code much easier to read and therefore to maintain.

    2. Integration with Dreamweaver
      The fact that you can use Dreamweaver's Design mode to immediately see how a page will look, even if that page has web action components, and to a large extent, even if the surfer needs to be logged in to use the page.... that capability means that you can use talented graphic designers on your team, without forcing them to abandon the very tool (Dreamweaver) which makes them efficient.
      If you do use Dreamweaver and set up your pages with all required tags as outlined in the WebHub Designer manual (i.e. avoid using automatic page headers and footers), you will be able to take advantage of Dreamweaver's code validation feature which will syntax-check your .whteko files. You can also use the custom "edit WebHub expression" dialog which gives you very detailed prompting for each piece of syntax of an individual command.

    3. Error/maintenance messages are far better, especially when multiple sites are hosted on one server
      You can now customize error messages based on AppID; and you can also re-use the same error message file for more than one problem situation (e.g. Hub not running, app not running, timeout). So you have more flexibility, and you can get away with customizing few files.
      Error messages now come back with status 403, making it easier to monitor for those conditions. The "reason" is provided in a standard way -- to make monitoring easy.
      Error situations now include "covering" an application - intentionally - for planned maintenance. This is better than the old option of suspending or exiting an application, because (a) there is a GUI for quickly telling your users which AppID you have taken offline, how many minutes you expect it to be down, and what you are doing; and (b) you can set an admin domain name and session number which will be allowed into the application while all other hostnames and session numbers are blocked.

    4. AJAX support is built-in
      There are some extremely powerful AJAX commands built-in to WebHub now. These commands simplify AJAX (compared to Ruby on Rails), without taking away any of the capabilities.

    5. Closer to a Cross-Platform Solution
      By upgrading, you are many steps closer to having WebHub application source code that will compile under Delphi for Dot Net, Kylix 3, and FreePascal. No, we are not there yet. But a great deal of the refactoring that has occurred has been with the aim of lessening all of our dependence on the Delphi win32 platform.
      All of tpack (except ucWinAPI.pas) is compiling for win32, Dot Net and Kylix 3 at this time. The configuration subsystem, ZaphodsMap, does too (i.e. no more Windows registry dependence).

    6. Search engine placement
      If you have a public web site and you want your WebHub pages listed well with google etc., you can combine WebHub with StreamCatcher with very successful results. You just have to configure StreamCatcher to know about your AppID, and configure WebHub to know that StreamCatcher is there, and then a reserved session number will be given to web robots (i.e. googlebot) based on user agent. This ensures that session numbers do not end up in your public search engine links, and also cuts down on the overhead on your server.

    7. Lingvo support
      Lingvo is the Esperanto word for human language. We use it when we want to talk about human language (English, German, Chinese, etc.) as opposed to programming language (Pascal, Java, etc.).
      WebHub now has tags for putting in translated content, which will be served automatically for site visitors who select that language. Any non-translated pieces of content will appear in the default language.
      WebHub also supports a "jump with lingvo" idea, whereby, if StreamCatcher is used, the lingvo code (e.g. eng, deu, chi) will appear as part of the URL. This helps people and search engines to realize that a given page contains content in a given lingvo.

    10-Feb-2007 15:19

  • WebHub Docs: renamed classes and properties
    Please download WHNewNames2006.pdf for details on all the renaming done between v2.053 and v2.080.
    05-Feb-2007 17:44

  • AJAX
    WebHub v2.078+ has AJAX support built-in.
    There are 3 new commands: AJAXEvent, AJAXObserver and AJAXTimedEvent. There is also a new JavaScript wrapper for convenience in formatting script code while still using WebHub macro expansion.
    11-Dec-2006 20:05

  • WebHub Documentation
    We are also working on minimalist documentation to help new users get started with WebHub. The doc files install themselves to webhub\docs as of version 2.078.
    11-Dec-2006 16:30

  • WebHub users: start thinking seriously about upgrading
    The first step is to make sure all your DFM files are in plain-text format, not the old binary format used in Delphi 1..3. download
    The next step is to make sure that your Delphi code uses the variables MacroStart and MacroEnd rather than any explicit strings, regardless of whether you are using percent-equals or parentils.
    The next step - which is possible with WebHub v2.037+ - is to convert your "whtml" files to WebHub Syntax Stage 0214. download.
    06-Dec-2006 23:09

  • WebHub Feature: cover pages
    The idea of "suspending" WebHub apps has evolved into the idea of "covering" them. When an AppID is "covered", an html file is displayed to the surfer. The html page can contain special macros which fill in a few key facts: date/time the app went offline, the expect downtime in minutes, and the reason for the downtime. You can fill in these facts very quickly, either through WebHubView or programmatically within your application.
    28-Nov-2006 20:09

  • In-house ecommerce engine converted from ICVerify to EProcessingNetwork
    We experienced an unbelievable total failure of ICVerify a few months ago, wherein the ICVerify software continued to give approval codes and settlement confirmations, yet no money actually reached our bank account.
    Yes, this was a big surprise, both technically and to our treasurer.
    Yes, they had told us to upgrade (as almost all companies do), but never in a way that convinced us of any urgency. And when we looked at the cost to upgrade averaged out over two years, which from our experience is how long their software works before the industry changes a rule requiring one to upgrade, we discovered that they were no longer technically nor economically the best solution.
    We used PayPal's credit card terminal for a couple months as a stop-gap measure, and reviewed many of the ecommerce options on the market. In the end, we decided to take the recommendation of our banker and go with EProcessingNetwork, which happens to cost only US $12/month. That is less than we were paying to keep the phone line open for the ICVerify solution! Although EProcessingNetwork does not have a SOAP wrapper, we were able to integrate with its "transparent database" interface easily.
    And the ecommerce system is running the latest WebHub release.
    27-Nov-2006 03:00

  • WebHub New AppID Wizard is Ready
    The New AppID Wizard is ready for use inside Delphi and also within standalone programs.
    26-Nov-2006 03:57

  • Announce: FuzRegex Search and Replace utility
    The regular expression technology developed during the past couple years has found its way into a small utility: FuzRegex. The download link is now active.
    FuzRegex is the search and replace utility for which we have developed the scripts to make it relatively painless to upgrade existing WebHub projects to our new platform.
    Our FuzRegex scripts here: browse
    07-Nov-2006 04:24

  • WebHub Demos: upgraded to XML configuration
    All the demo INI files have been converted to XML. The simple "lite" demos are working fine. The others are still being tested.
    There is a new demo that shows how to display readonly data from a Firebird SQL database, using Interbase Objects.
    However we are taking a pause from the effort with the demos to now make sure that the installers work nicely on clean machines. Once that is done, we will make the installers available on a pre-release basis (i.e. free download to customers, not intended for production servers).
    There are two important tools which will help customers convert existing WebHub apps: WHZMConverter (converts INI to XML config), and FuzRegEx (runs search and replace scripts).
    01-Nov-2006 16:55

  • WebHub component renaming complete
    ALL WebHub components have been renamed as needed.
    29-Oct-2006 19:20

  • hardware upgrade in progress
    We have new hardware online for the demos server. Today we will bring a spare server online, to make it easier to cope with any future surprises.
    14-Oct-2006 10:00

  • DFM Converter Wizard
    We released a small utility program which lets you convert old binary DFM files (e.g. Delphi 1..4) to UNICODE plain text format (Delphi 6+). Once your DFM files are in plain text, you can refactor them using ordinary search and replace tools.
    7-Aug-2006 23:00

  • WebHub News
    Both the runtime and component installers are now complete.

    The WHZMConverter has been updated to have two new features: (a) it copies your setupid to the ZaphodsMap context, and (b) in terms of application INI conversion, it converts only the one associated with your HubApp.

    6-Aug-2006 18:00

  • WebHub v2.065 for D06/D07/D09/D10
    The installers for the runtime system and for the components are now available. The runtime installer contains WebHubAdmin and WebHubView where the menu items are all hooked up to valid actions. You may use these runtime programs in combination with WebHub EXEs compiled from v2.062...v2.065. On FTP, you will find a ZIP file containing just those 2 programs, so that you can quickly add them to an existing installation. There is no real need to upgrade your custom WebHub EXEs to v2.065 if you already have them compiled under v2.062, v2.063 or v2.064.

    Please note, WHZMConverter is available to customers via FTP in the same place as the WebHub Component installers.

    Developers: review all uses of AppSetting and change to AppSetting wherever possible, i.e. for all your custom settings. If you do this now, the next upgrade will be MUCH easier.
    19-Jun-2006 17:04

  • WebHub v2.064 for D06/D07/D09/D10
    The installers for the runtime system and for the components are now available.
    Relative to the previous release, WebHub v2.064 contains a few fixes to the installer. It also includes (interface to the cross-platform XML component used throughout ZaphodsMap and WebHub).
    16-Jun-2006 16:49

  • WebHub v2.062 status
    WebHub v2.062 uses ZaphodsMap v1.019 and configuration version 3. Good news: the COM issue has been fixed; WebHubAdmin and WebHubView run happily; the WHZMConverter writes files that conform to XSD.
    Files are available on FTP now.
    Please read the release notes, especially the part about using WHZMConverter.
    08-Jun-2006 22:15

  • WebHub v2.061 for D06/D07/D09/D10
    The installers for the runtime system and for the components are now available. 06-Jun-2006 06:27

  • More flexible WebHub System Messages
    There is a new section at the end of the v2.059 release notes which fully explains how to customize the WebHub System Messages by AppID, domain and runner. You will probably want to customize at least the HubNotFound and NoSuchApp messages on your production servers.
    29-May-2006 22:00

  • WebHub Designer for Dreamweaver 8
    Version of the Dreamweaver extension is available now. This includes an important fix for Dreamweaver 8 users. It gives you an additional document type ("whteko 2.14") which you should use when creating new WebHub .whteko files.
    22-May-2006 19:35

  • If you want to help Borland...
    1. Take their survey about developer conferences: survey
    2. Patch Delphi 2006 with update 2 update 2
    3. Find out facts about DevCo Alan Bauer
    4. Have a look at the new Borland Developer Network web site bdn2 beta

  • WebHub v2.054 available
    This build (v2.054) still uses INI file configuration for the Hub and the WebHub components.
    3-Apr-2006 23:00

  • ZaphodsMap for D06/D07/D09/D09IL/D10/D10IL/K03
    ZaphodsMap has been ported and is now available for Delphi for win32 and dot net, and for Kylix.
    16-Mar-2006 23:00

  • WebHub v2.053 available
    Customers will find the latest build on FTP, for Delphi 6, 7, 9 (Delphi 2005 win32) and 10 (Delphi 2006 win32). We are working on the new IPC in parallel with completing the full port to .Net and Kylix.
    8-Mar-2006 22:50

  • WebHub Wizards confirmed okay in D06/D07/D09/D10 v2.053
    The WebHub wizards are back as of v2.053. Look under File > New > Other, and under Project > WebHub.
    7-Mar-2006 22:45

  • Borland and the anticipated DevCo
    You probably read Borland's announcement on 8-Feb-2006 about selling its IDE business, and David I's commentary #1 and #2. Ann went to a Borland user group meeting in San Jose, California on 21-Feb-2006 and found out some more details about the situation. It does make sense for the development products to live in a private company, which can use their revenue to further advance those products (rather than non-developer products).

    HREF will continue to support WebHub on the Delphi platform as long as possible, and in fact, we suspect that there may be some long-awaited improvements appearing after the new DevCo is formed. (DevCo is a placeholder name for the new company.)

    Delphi 2006 is looking very good (much better than Delphi 2005), and DevCo intends to work under the philosophy that products should ship when they are ready, rather than when the CEO has dictated they must ship based on fiscal promises.
    27-Feb-2006 09:30

  • WebHub Designer for Macromedia Dreamweaver 8
    The latest version of the WebHub Designer plug-in supports both Dreamweaver MX 2004, and the latest version, Dreamweaver 8. Features are identical. This is a FREE upgrade for existing customers.
    15-Dec-2005 03:25

  • WebHub v2.052 for Delphi 6/7/9 is ready
    Customers may download WebHub v2.052 via ftp now. This site is running on Hub, runner and components v2.052, which is a good indication that things are basically working okay. Nonetheless, please, please, please check the release notes before you install.
    We added the refactored WebHub Wizard into the installation today; it is the first version to support Delphi 2005.
    The INI to XML converter will be included in v2.053 when we officially change configuration formats.
    08-Dec-2005 14:50

  • TPack Restorer switches from INI to XML
    WebHub v2.051 takes two more steps toward the Ultimate Big Plan for cross-platform WebHub. The first step is to use a new configuration system, implemented by TZaphodsMap, with two key benefits: (a) administrators will have full control over where the config files are located; (b) it will work smoothly even on Linux (where we absolutely cannot rely on finding a Windows System folder!).
    The second step is to FULLY separate run time from design time packages, while using a package filenaming convention which makes it easy for us to support Kylix 3 and Delphi 2006. Details are in the release notes.
    These changes are currently being tested in-house. There are not any pre-release files posted yet.
    12-Oct-2005 04:55

  • WebHub v2.050 for Delphi 5/6/7/9 is ready
    File for WebHub v2.050 are available to customers via FTP now. This version includes TNativeXml (as DCU). Please check the release notes carefully. There are a couple of unit name changes. Relative to v2.049, we fixed the ANCHOR command. This is absolutely the last build for Borland Delphi 5. 09-Oct-2005 17:00

  • Working on new wizards
    We are working on completely rewriting both wizards so that they will support Delphi 2005 for win32 and .Net, and Kylix 3. 20-Sep-2005 09:00

  • Cross-platform XML component is ready
    We are cooperating with the author of TNativeXml, which is a VCL component for use with XML documents. Up until now, TNativeXml has compiled only for Delphi's win32 compiler. TNativeXml now compiles in Kylix and Delphi 2005 for .Net. WebHub v2.049 will bundle this component in DCU format. Full source is available separately from the author, who will maintain the code going forward. 08-Sep-2005 15:00

  • WebHub v2.048 for Borland Delphi 5/6/7/9 is ready
    Files are available to customers via FTP now. 06-Sep-2005 01:30

  • Compiling Borland Kylix 3 files on *Windows*
    We have confirmed that this IS possible using the rather amazing Cross Kylix Compiler. 05-Sep-2005 19:00

  • SlimLogger is at feature-freeze
    The SlimLogger program has reached feature-freeze. Remaining tasks are documentation, installation, packaging, marketing. We ran SlimLogger on the server for most of August, and added it to a second server today. SlimLogger counts the number of bytes transferred to and from a machine, by domain name and/or by IP#. For TCP and UDP traffic, you can restrict by port if desired. HTTP traffic can be sorted by domain name, even if two or more domains share an IP#. For FTP and other protocols, a unique IP# is required.

    SlimLogger is free upon request to all StreamCatcher customers, as it replaces the Bytes Transferred report feature in SC.

    Pricing for other customers is still under discussion. HREF is co-marketing SlimLogger with TrafMeter. 01-Sep-2005 15:00

  • New Configuration System being Developed
    The next major step in WebHub evolution is to overhaul the configuration system, which until now has been based on TIniFile: href.ini, tpack.ini, hub.ini, etc. We are moving to the ZaphodsMap paradigm, which was invented for StreamCatcher and is now being refined, hopefully in a way that will last for the next 10 years. TZaphodsMap will support XML format, maybe INI format.25-Aug-2005

  • TPack Fully Refactored
    The really good news is that all of tpack has now been refactored for use with Delphi for .Net and with Kylix 3. This is a big milestone for us. Of course it is the tip of the iceberg in the sense that we still have over 200 WebHub units to review. The significance is that it proves that we can deal with just about every type of issue, so it is now a matter of keeping on going. The porting team is getting some vacation during August, and then will expand to include a third person during September.

    We are tentatively planning on adding Free Pascal / Lazarus support after we finish the complete WebHub port, as a two-week exercise at the very end. The Lazarus license is a modifield GPL and explicitly grants permission for use in compiling closed-source and commmercial programs (e.g. WebHub, e.g. your own applications). 19-Aug-2005 21:55

  • Delphi Super Page Search Engine updated
    Robert-in-Poland sent us a new set of files for the Delphi Super Page Search Engine... those have been indexed... 1-Aug-2005

  • HEADS-UP: WebHub GUI subsystem changed in v2.048
    We are making another major change to the WebHub GUI subsystem with v2.048, and that is, to stop using TtpMainMenu and TWebMenu and instead use Delphi's standard TMainMenu with actions. Actions are available in Delphi 5+, Delphi for .Net, and Kylix 3, so by selecting them as a basis for the GUI behavior, we will all have a much easier time porting projects. And the actions seem conceptually cleaner than simply writing lots of OnClick handlers... they seem to be a very good thing.

    If you are using the standard whMain.pas form in your project, then you do not have to do anything because the changes are included for you. If you are building your own GUI, and you want your project to eventually run cross-platform, you should stop using TWebMenu and instead use the technique shown in the whMain.pas unit, and throughout the demos.

    All the demos have been rebuilt with TMainMenu and Delphi actions.23-Jul-2005 21:20

  • WebHub v2.047 for Borland Delphi 5/6/7/9 ready
    The final files for WebHub v2.047 are available. This version of the Hub has been tested on: Win2003, xeon; WinNT; Win2000; Win2000 with 2cpu. As of this version, a special license code is no longer required for systems using Xeon technology and hyperthreading. 21-Jul-05 23:30

  • SlimLogger product planned
    Because Microsoft removed the hook from Win2003 IIS 6 which made the StreamCatcher Bytes Transferred reports possible, we have decided to drop that feature from StreamCatcher in general and to move it into a separate product, named SlimLogger. SlimLogger will count bytes transferred by web site group across all tcp/ip activity including http and ftp. Thus it is even more powerful than StreamCatcher (as SC was limited to http/https). 17-Jul-05

  • WebHub v2.046 for Borland Delphi 5/6/7/9, with SOAP support
    WebHub v2.046 posted; SOAP support added as long as you compile with Delphi 7 or Delphi 2005. Although Borland added some SOAP support in Delphi 6, we needed to use the more refined version which is in Delphi 7+. 26-Jun-2005 04:50

  • Documentation for WebHub Designer for Dreamweaver
    The final documentation for the WebHub Designer for Dreamweaver has been posted. 26-May-2005 04:20

  • WebHub v2.045 for Borland Delphi 5/6/7/9 ready
    For full details, please read the release notes. WebHub.hlp has not been updated but the program files are final.18-May-05 20:05

  • WebHub v2.044 for Borland Delphi 5/6/7/9
    04-May-2005 23:19

  • WebHub v2.043 for Borland Delphi 5/6/7/9
    This is the first release supporting Borland Delphi 2005 ("Delphi 9") for the win32 platform. 07-Apr-2005 18:40

  • New flag for backwards compatibility of MATCH command
    There is a new boolean flag in htWebApp.pas for existing customers who cannot easily change their MATCH macros to the new syntax. Set isMatchTechniqueNew to FALSE in htWebApp.pas. (v2.043) 4-Apr-2005 05:20

  • WebHub v2.042 for Borland Delphi 5/6/7
    15-Mar-2005 15:50

  • WebHub Designer for Macromedia Dreamweaver
    A new version of the WebHub Designer for Dreamweaver has been posted. 11-Mar-2005 00:50

  • WebHub v2.041 for Borland Delphi 5/6/7
    11-Feb-2005 00:09

  • WebHub Designer for Macromedia Dreamweaver
    A new version of the WebHub Designer for Dreamweaver MX 2004 is ready as of today. 07-Feb-2005

  • Happy New Year!
    The core WebHub group crossed another milestone today: the new cross-platform system was invoked from cgi-bin on Apache 2, cgi-bin on Sambar, and isapi on Sambar. 09-Jan-05 04:00
  • Showcase demo redesigned
    The navigation of the showcase demo has been redesigned and that version is live on 4-Dec-2004

  • WebHub v2.039 ready for Delphi 5, 6 and 7

  • DTD file published for WebHub Syntax Stage 2 WHTEKO files
    download. 01-Nov-04

  • URL2IMG unveiled
    Visit to take screenshots of your web pages using various browsers, at different screen sizes, on different platforms, to proof your work and make sure that it scales as desired. 25-Oct-04

  • WebHub v2.038 for D5/D6/D7

  • ESeminar held regarding WebHub Syntax Stage 2
    The recording of the latest eseminar is available online. You will need a URL, username and password to access the 'advisorweb' system. If you do not already have one, request one through the contact link. Thanks.

    The slides with no audio are online here. 30-Jul-04

  • WebHub v2.037 posted for D5/D6/D7
    This release includes a security layer for anyone using the remote Dreamweaver editing features. 15-Jul-04

  • WebHub Dreamweaver Extension
    Installation file posted for customers, compatible with WebHub v2.036+. 15-Jul-04

  • HREF adopts CVS for publishing WebHub Demos
    The full source to the WebHub demos is now available via CVS. 30-Jun-04

  • WebHub v2.036 posted for D5/D6/D7.

  • WebHub v2.035 for D5/D6/D7 posted

  • WebHub v2.034 for D5/D6/D7
    This edition includes an updated help file (webhub.hlp) which reflects recent changes to the components and the new Dreamweaver integration units. 23-May-04

  • WebHub v2.033 for D5/D6/D7

  • WebHub v2.032 for Delphi 5, 6, 7
    This edition includes the DreamWeaver integration units (dmDream.* and whDream.*).4-Apr-2004

  • WebHub v2.031 is ready for download via ftp.

  • Delphi 8 for .NET ISAPI research milestone
    The first partially-working runner for Delphi 8 for .NET is functioning under IIS 5 on Win2000, thanks to efforts by Oxana. This is a proof-of-concept prototype, along the lines of the FastCGI example. It means that we will be able to provide a .NET solution which is fully compiled in D8 rather than using any Win32 modules. 15-Mar-2004

  • FastCGI research milestone
    We have developed a simplistic FastCGI interface suitable for use with Apache on Windows or Linux. 12-Feb-04

    Performance test results:

    Number of simultaneous browser connections10100
      Average number of requests per second
    Using Broker~48~115
    Using Direct Socket~163~157

    ** Equipment:
    Our Windows test environment:
    PC: CPU Intel Pentium III, 1GHz, RAM 512 PC133, HDD Samsung 40 GB. All hardware settings (main board, memory, HDD) tuned for best performance.
    OS: Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition. With installed Apache and FastCGI 2.4.0. All software settings (includes memory, cache and other subsystems) tuned for best performance.

    Our Linux test environment:
    PC: CPU Intel Pentium III, 450 MHz, RAM 256, HDD QUANTUM FIREBALL EL5.1A 4.5 GB.
    OS: Linux Red Hat 7.3. Apache, FastCGI 2.4.0.

    These tests were performed using the Microsoft Application Center Test Projects (ACT) utility included in Microsoft Visual Studio .Net Enterprise Architect 2003.

  • Hub runs only as service; separate modules for admin and troubleshooting
    We have decided to stop shipping the old "classic" Hub which ran as an application. Now we will be shipping the combination of Hub.exe (which is HubNoGUI renamed), WebHubAdmin and WebHubView. 11-Feb-2004

  • WebHub v2.028

  • Timing test results (of an "ECHO" page)
    Number of simultaneous browser connections10100
    All tests on same hardware. * Average number of requests per second
    runbin.exe with Apache 2~38~35
    runbin.exe with Apache 1.3~38~35
    Delphi fastcgi.exe with Apache 1.3~32~38
    Delphi fastcgi.exe with Apache 2~198~160
    C fastcgi.exe with Apache 2~160~167
    runisa.dll with IIS 5.0~130~77
    IIS 6 on Win2003 Server
    runisa.dll; worker process isolation mode (DefaultAppPool) ~243~250
    runisa.dll; worker process isolation mode (IsolatedAppPool) ~247~259
    runisa.dll; iis5 compatibility mode (IIS Process) ~246~253
    runisa.dll; iis5 compatibility mode (Pooled) ~85~90
    runisa.dll; iis5 compatibility mode (Isolated) ~80~89

    * PC: Intel Pentium III, 1GHz, RAM 512 PC133, HDD IBM DTLA 307030. All hardware settings (mainboard, memory, HDD) tuned for best performance.
    1) Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition. With installed IIS 6.0, Apache 1.3 and Apache 2.0. All software settings (includes memory, cache and other subsystems) tuned for best performance.
    2) Windows Server 2000 with IIS 5.0 (This OS was installed on different than Windows 2003 PC but with the same hardware configuration).

  • StreamCatcher v1.5.0.6 posted
    Recent changes: fix relating to referrers longer than 1024 characters; threadsafe operation on 1cpu servers running IIS 4 or 5; referrer support added to the TraceLog and Test features; 5 colons allowed within a WebHub command string.

  • StreamCatcher v1.5.0.0 posted
    New feature: support for remapping unlimited subdomains through a wildcard. For example, let's say you own and you want to set up free sites for your friends Bob, Joe and Mary. You create directories on disk: users\bob, users\joe and users\mary, and you tell them to access their sites through, and Then you set up one StreamCatcher rule which translates to* and you are all set. Whenever you want to add a new user you only need to create a directory on disk. No DNS entries. No IIS entries. No further StreamCatcher entries. QUICK. INEXPENSIVE. DO IT FOR YOUR FRIENDS! Detailed instructions are in the SCHelp.hlp file; search for "How to Map Unlimited Subdomains".

    New features from v1.0.2.5: (1) WURM repellent. WURM = wicked unauthorized resource munchers, i.e. people who link to your site to grab resources without your permission. Now you can take control over any directory or file, and ensure that the file is only retrieved if the referrer equals, starts with, or contains, a URL (or URLs) of your choice. (2) The bytes transferred report (which counts up bytes used by web site) now provides a running grand total across all web sites so that you can quickly see your bandwidth usage for the whole server. (3) If desired, the Bytes Transferred Report for a single web site shows values for all websites owned by the same owner. 21-August-2002

  • WebHub v2.012
    WebHub v2.012 for Delphi 3, 4, 5 and 6 has been posted for customers. FREE WebHub Trial v2.012 for Delphi 5, 6 and 7 has been posted for new users. 14-August-2002

  • BDE Installation Tip
    If you need to automate install of BDE: summary 18-June-2002

  • SecretAgent.exe
    HREF has published a custom web browser where you can set the user agent. Use it to look at your web site as if you are a particular type of viewer (say IE versus Googlebot), to make sure that you are presenting the desired information to search engine spiders.

    This is highly recommended for anyone using v2.009+ and StreamCatcher. If your own site doesn't do conditional processing yet, download and have a look at and through the eyes of a spider (detailed instructions are in the browser when you open it). download 552kb, just run the EXE - there is no installation procedure. Thanks to Christian for making the utility. 17-June-2002

  • WebHub VCL v2.012 supports Delphi 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7
    This version of WebHub supports all Delphi compilers from Delphi 3 to Delphi 7. Upcoming releases will only support Delphi 5 and higher. 14-August-2002

  • Change of server address
    HREF's public internet servers and colocated customers' servers moved to a new data center in Santa Rosa, ending the presence at "300 B Street". July-2002

  • Change of headquarters address
    HREF finance and customer service is now being performed from a home office in Santa Rosa. HREF's mailing address is now: 1275 Fourth Street #109, Santa Rosa CA 95404 USA Phone and Fax: 1-707-581-1828. March-2002

  • Change in management
    Ann Lynnworth is President of HREF Tools Corp. and has full control of the company. August-2001

  • WebHub VCL v2.x supports Windows98 and Windows 2000
    WebHub version 2.x is a major upgrade, expanding support from the NT platform to include both Win98 (primarily for test systems) and Windows 2000. Nov-2000

  • Updated cgi-win and cgi-bin runners
    FREE. These will not have the "integer overflow" problem reported by some users. December 9, 1999

  • Focus on Documentation
    HREF has retained the services of Helen Borrie to assist us in revamping the WebHub Help File.
    November 5, 1999

  • WebHub VCL v1.770 is available
    Updated WebHub Project Wizard supports WebHub panels; colored icons indicate the usage of your application when deployed; cookie support improved; Delphi 5 ready.
    August 7, 1999

  • HTML to WebHub-HTML Conversion Wizard
    This utility converts standard HTML files to WebHub 1.0 syntax for use with any WebHub application server. It supports FrontPage files (among others) and will even optimize the file to remove redundant font tags. May 14, 1999

  • New Pricing Policy
    1exe version 1.x Hubs are now FREE for deployment on unlimited machines. April 25, 1999

  • Interbase Objects Support
    WebHub v1.751+ adds direct support for Interbase Objects with a new TIBOWebDataSource, with FREE source to trial and registered users. April 25, 1999

  • New ASync Processing Classes
    WebHub v1.73+ includes TwhAsync and other classes which enable you to run background processes while giving the surfer percent-complete and/or other status messages. April 25, 1999

  • June 1, 1998: OrderGenie.Com is a big success!: With a Java client and WebHub middleware, this solution from New Zealand is an excellent option for corporations wanting business-to-business eCommerce.

  • May 20, 1998: WebHub Coolness Layer: announced.

  • May 19, 1998: WebHub-Based AI in Danish Politics: Intellix in Denmark used WebHub and its Internet Agent technology to help voters become conscious of their opinions regarding the Amsterday Treaty. With 10 servers in a cluster, they served a peak of 6,000 surfers per second.

  • May 10, 1998: EZ Links Golf Reservations: Kevin Tupper built a complete tee time reservation system using WebHub and Microsoft SQL.

  • May 4, 1998: Delphi Prefix Registry: HREF Tools is hosting this Registry, which was designed to make life easier for both component users and developers. It registers component prefixes and assists with information on component naming.

  • March 20, 1998: Delphi Super Site Searches: Michael Ax at HREF Tools wrote a Search engine for the most popular Delphi freeware and shareware site in the world.

  • March 10, 1998: Interactive Outline is Back: Use TwhOutline to navigate our site.

  • March 8, 1998: PNG Files Embraced: HREF Tools supports the free PNG graphics file format as a replacement for GIF.

  • February 5, 1998: WebHub.Com launched: There's a new place for newcomers to learn about WebHub:!

  • January 2, 1998: Tech Support and Custom Consulting: Matt Marshall, CPA and Delphi programmer, joins HREF to support WebHub developers and manage custom projects.

  • December 15, 1997: Free Search Site for Borland Developers: HREF is proud to be sponsoring, a web site that archives technical newsgroup content, making it fully searchable. It's built-with-WebHub, and very, very fast. Try it!

  • November 23, 1997: Shopping Cart Jump Start Project: New product, includes full HTML and Delphi source for a dynamic, database-driven shopping cart application.

  • November 18, 1997: Training Partner Announced: Blue Star Training Corp. in San Diego, California.

  • WebHub Conference!! November 15 & 16, 1997 HREF Tools Corp will host THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL WEBHUB CONFERENCE!!

  • No-Frills Hosting: HREF announced the availability of colocated server hosting.

  • August 23, 1997: New Technical Support Policy provides more choices for developers...

  • July 21, 1997: The Borland Conference was a big success! Ann Lynnworth presented papers on the State of California using WebHub, and another on credit card charging over the web with WebHub and Delphi.

  • May 19, 1997: WebHub 1.0 Released !

  • January 1, 1997: SecureTax Unveiled!

  • November 5, 1996: Contest Winner for best interactive web site built with WebHub components! $250 Grand Prize Winner: Mauricio Korbman at
    Honorable mention: Leslie Harte with a Government database of land-mines.

  • October 5, 1996: Contest Announcement-- HREF Tools Corp. is sponsoring a contest for the best interactive web site built with WebHub components.

  • September 12, 1996 David L. Rice joins HREF as corporate sales representative.

  • July 25: HREF introduces Public Relations Partner: HREF Tools Corp. is pleased to introduce its new public relations partner, The Ford Odell Group.

  • July 2: Version EEP 8.41.3 Discounted: For those of you in love with the version you have been using for the last few months -- we are offering a registered copy of either the 16- or 32-bit WebHub Bundle, EEP 8.41.3, for $125.00.
June 20: HREF moves and grows: We are consolidating our offices in Santa Rosa, California. That means we have new accountants and Michael is moving west in July 3rd! We've also expanded our support staff ... doing our best to give you real service, quality products and complete, accurate documentation.

May 16: Newsletter Sign-up: You can now maintain your own record in our mailing list database, and decide which of our newsletters you would like to receive.

Delphi In-Depth: This book, edited by Cary Jensen, will be available at the end of May. Excerpts are now available on-line.

Delphi 2.0 Unleashed: This book by Charlie Calvert is available in stores now and has two chapters on Delphi and CGI programming. Both were written by Ann Lynnworth at HREF.

March 31: WebHub Discussion Group -- We've got an email-based Forum for WebHub Questions and Answers. Please join! We're striving to make this a great source for technical tidbits and support as well as a place to share ideas. You'll be able to hear not only from HREF but also from other people who have been using WebHub for months.

March 21: Buzzword check-in -- We know you need to get past the buzzwords and find out what will work TODAY and TOMORROW. We are concentrating on maintaining an open architecture that can support integration with new technologies as they emerge. We started with WebSite cgi-win support; we now have Netscape shipping and Spry coming soon. We'll be adding support for other servers and APIs over the next few months. You can build your WebHub-based applications for any of the current servers and know that your application will be portable to other platforms as they arise.

Nonetheless, here are the buzzwords:

  • JAVA : we support Java in two ways, both demonstrated in the free sample project called HTJAVA. You can pass data (from a database and/or from the surfer) to a precompiled Java applet, and you can also send Java scripts as chunks. Check out the real-time clock on the sample -- it's done as a chunk!
  • SQL : we support SQL queries to the extent that Delphi does, which means we can talk to Oracle, Interbase, Infomix, Sybase, etc.
  • ISAPI, NSAPI, and WSAPI : WebHub is meant to be a cross-server solution and you will see more APIs supported as we get past version 1.0. Registered users receive updates for 12 months from date of purchase.

January 21: If you've been curious about *how* WebHub is able to create components on the fly, check out tshapes.pas. It uses the xtension unit from TPack, which is included in the trial version. This sample code shows a simple example using TComponentExtensions where a red circle creates a frame surrounding itself -- in the *Designer*. There's now a newsletter on WebHub Tips and Techniques to help you become successful with it faster... back issues will be kept on-line here.

December 19: The Fish Store got some new features, including an e-mail test page, graphics on-the-fly, and a string grid. We continue to provide full source code to the Fish Store so that you can learn to make interactive web sites with WebHub as easily as possible.

November 21, 1995: We are pleased to present the first interactive outline on the Web -- demonstrated on our new Table of Contents page. Of course we are making this functionality available to WebHub programmers - you too will be able to use the new TwhOutline component to make your large sites more manageable. We have also started publishing the Delphi interface source code to the most important ancestor classes in TPack and WebHub, so that enterprising component writers can easily write WebHub-compatible components.

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