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Designed for...

Programmers needing to upgrade or refactor source code of any kind; anyone who likes to perfect naming conventions and needs a powerful tool to help with replacements on a large scale; anyone whose existing search and replace utility is not fast enough!

Pricing Starts at $35

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includes 30-day money back guarantee.

Overview and Benefits

FuzRegex provides functionality often found in free tools such as grep, but packages it up in a graphical user interface that anyone can learn and benefit from. Having support for regular expressions means that you can use a pattern with sophisticated wildcards to search through documents, and, more importantly, you can use references to those patterns when you replace text. The fact that it is scriptable means that it is possible to queue up dozens or even hundreds of search and replace patterns, and run them all at once on all files in a folder, at lightning speed. This means that your friend, the regex expert, can develop the script for you, and then you can run it against your own files.

FREE Demo Info / Screenshots

Please see the Quick Start Guide on www.fuzregex.com.

Download FREE Trial Version

When you download FuzRegex, it automatically functions in FREE "lite" mode. Download links are on the www.fuzregex.com home page. FuzRegex is/will-be included on the Companion CD for RAD Studio XE, and it is/will-be available through Code Central at Embarcadero as well.


The help menu provides references for people wanting to learn about regular expressions.

Quick Start Guide

FuzRegex Quick Start Guide

Upgrade Policy

Free upgrades

Technical Support

HREF Tools Corp. provides free support for installation of FuzRegex. If you want help with building regular expressions, you will have to find your own expert; we can help with a referral.

Source Code Availability

Not available

Requirements and/or Compatible Software

☑ A windows operating system, including but not limited to Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, 32- and 64-bit.

Available Media

electronic download

To Order

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