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Photo of Vseslav Suvorov

Vseslav Suvorov

Delphi Programmer

Available:  Mon-Fri, approx. 9am to 5pm
Location:  St. Petersburg, Russia
Contact:  n/a



Vseslav has to stay on top of cross-platform issues for Windows win32, Windows Dot Net and Linux. As of January 2009, he is working on Unicode issues in WebHub for Delphi 2009.

HREF History

Vseslav started working on WebHub in February, 2005.


Vseslav has a Masters degree in Computer Science, from Mary State Technical University (Russia), in 2000.


Previously, Vseslav worked on Pizza Expert (Point of Sale system for Pizza restaurants written in Delphi).


Vseslav's native language is Russian, and he can read English.

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