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Unlock Codes: Unlocking Software from HREF Tools Corp.

Self-Service Unlock Codes

Make your own evaluation license code here for FuzRegEx, Rubicon, WebHub, StreamCatcher and all other software made by HREF Tools Corp.

Notes for WebHub Central

Without a customized unlock code, The Hub has a capacity of 1 module and works with browsers on unlimited IP numbers. Your reseller can sell you a Hub upgrade license, or you may buy one direct from HREF. Hub upgrades for version 2.00 are available for 2, 5, 10, 15 and unlimited modules.

Based on your unlock code, The Hub allows you to run a certain number of modules.

In WebHub version 2, the hub's capacity is based on the license code and the number of CPUs on the server.

For Registered WebHub Customers

When you register, we send you an e-mail message with your Licensee Name and unlock code. If you have lost your code, please contact Customer Service and provide proof of purchase information, such as invoice number, payment method and date.

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For Customers Upgrading from WebHub 1.x

If a version 1.00 license code is tried on a 2-CPU server with a version 2.00 Hub, The Hub's capacity will be 1/2 as high as on the 1-CPU server. The capacity on a 4-CPU server will be 1/4 as high. Purchase a new (or upgraded) Hub version 2.00 license code for multiprocessor servers.
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