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1.77 to 2.00: How to upgrade from WebHub VCL v1.77 to v2.00

Upgrading WebHub Apps
These steps help you quickly convert WebHub Applications from version 1.77x to version 2.00x.
  1. Under Project Options, Directories, check the search path and change c:\ht\lib32;c:\ht\htfrm; to c:\ht\lib.

  2. In your project file (*.DPR), in the USES clause, edit all file paths to use the new directory structure:
    • change ht\lib32 to ht\lib
    • change ht\htfrm to ht\lib

  3. If possible, delete all extraneous DCUs compiled under v1.x.

  4. Under Tools|Environment Options, check the Library path and make sure that it does not include any irrelevant directories.

  5. Open every form in your project at least once, and save it. This enables Delphi to adjust to any slight differences in component specification, and updates your DFM files accordingly. Skipping this step leads to run time errors such as "property ... not defined".

  6. Check your package list and change to the new WebHub package filenames. Whub50 becomes WhubD5. Whubdb50 becomes WhubdbD5.

  7. At this point, you should be able to compile and run your application.

  8. Optionally merge winnt\href.ini and ht\hubmain.ini into ht\bin\hub.ini. In the registry, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTARE\HREF Tools\WebHub, hub.ini should be set to the location of hub.ini, e.g. "c:\ht\bin\hub.ini".

Upgrading WebHub Apps that use COM
No changes are required if you are compiling with v2.007+.

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