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Single Server: Design for low-to-medium traffic sites

Low traffic design

In this design, multiple web browsers connect to a single web server machine. The web server machine is running Microsoft Windows NT as the operating system, a web server such as IIS, the Hub at a certain capacity, and one or more instances of a custom EXE built with the WebHub components. There is usually a database on the same machine which could be moved to a separate machine.

This setup can serve 30 to 4800 page requests per minute depending on how long your average page calculation takes, and how many instances of your EXE you run.

Remember to distinguish connected surfers vs. simultaneous page requests. If you have 1000 connected surfers, and they all request 1 page every 10 seconds, then you have 100 simultaneous page requests, where simultaneous is defined as per-second.

Number of page requests served per minute
  Average page calculation time
  0.25 seconds0.50 seconds1 second2 seconds
1 EXE 240 120 60 30
5 EXEs 1200 600 300 150
10 EXEs 2400 1200 600 300
20 EXEs 4800 2400 1200 600

By upgrading the Hub Capacity and running more instances of the EXE, you can move from low to medium traffic with relative ease. The limits will be set by the capacity of the physical machine to run the desired software and on the overall capacity of the database engine.

To calculate total number of pages that would be served per day, take the number per minute multiplied by 1440. For example, the low-end configuration would serve 30 x 1440 which equals 43,200 pages per day. The majority of web sites serve less than 10,000 pages per day, so a 1-EXE setup will suffice for most situations.

Regarding Multiple Domains (web sites)
WebHub applications can work equally well on a single Internet domain or multiple domains. For example, you can write a generic WebHub application that services both and running on the same physical machine. There is no limit, per se, on the number of pages or features that you can include in that EXE. If both sites are fairly low traffic, the single EXE could serve both of them.

Hub Deployment License is by Machine
The Hub is licensed based on usage on a physical machine. It is up to the developer to decide how many domains, CPUS, or RAM to put in that machine. Hub v2.x license pricing is based on the number of CPUs on the machine.

There are no surcharges to have a separate database server, even if that database server is an integral part of the web application.

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