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Reviews: Reviews about the WebHub VCL

  • Spotlight, November 1998, overview of WebHub VCL and Shopping Cart products

  • Delphi Informant, November 1997, in-depth review of WebHub by Peter Hyde.

  • Developer's Review, October 1997, review of WebHub 1.04 by Steve Troxell

  • InfoWorld, July 7, 1997 WebHub develops innovative Web applications by Steve Zimmelman reviews WebHub 1.0.

  • Application Development Trends, July 1997, Internet Development announcement on page 65.

  • Computerworld, June 9, 1997 New Products sidebar in Internet Section

  • Web Techniques, July 1997, "Building Web Applications with WebHub," by Erik S. Peterson. Erik uses HREF Tools' WebHub to construct a full blown Web Application, and shows how you can create dynamic contents in the process.

  • PC Week, May 26, 1997, WebHub 1.0 announcement.

  • Delphi Informant, Volume 3, Number 5, May, 1997, "California's CalJOBS Project: Developing Cost-Effective Information Solutions Using the Web," by the EDD Development Team. This case study discusses how the State of California built an Internet-enabled, database-driven job-matching system using WebHub and Delphi (p. 76).

  • The Press Democrat, March 23, 1997, "WebHub Way Out: Entrenpreneurs Make the Big Guys Take Notice," by Mary Fricker, Feature story on HREF and WebHub from Business Section.

  • Computer Technology Review, Volume 17, Number 3, March, 1997, "The Virtual Taxman Cometh," by Josh Piven, Short Article on SecureTax web site built with WebHub.

  • PC Magazine, February 18, 1997, reviews which was built with WebHub.

  • USA Today, February 18, 1997,, built with WebHub makes the Front Page.

  • Computer Technology Review, Volume 16, Number 10, October, 1996, "How Can ActiveX be 'Open' Yet Be Windows-Specific," by Josh Piven, features WebHub in a discussion of object-based components for site development.

  • Inter@ctive Week, Oct. 14, 1996, "Much More Than a Mere Tech-Head" by Virginia Pelletier

  • Web Week, Volume 2, Issue 14, September 23, 1996, Mention of WebHub in Software Briefs section

  • The Business Journal, June 24, 1996, North Bay Software column by Lori Houston, Writeup on State of California EDD pilot project (p. 9).

  • InfoWorld, Volume 18, Issue 25, June 17,1996, Sidebar on WebHub, product comparison section (p. 112).

  • Paradox Informant, Volume 7, Number 5, May 1996, Case Study: "Paradise Parsed," by Ann Lynnworth

  • Delphi Informant, Volume 2, Number 3, March 1996, WebHub announcement in Delphi Tools section (p. 6).

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