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Delphi 2.0 Unleashed
Ann Lynnworth has written two chapters in Charlie Calvert's book, Delphi 2.0 Unleashed, ISBN 0-672-30858-4, from SAMS Publishing.

"HREF has been working on their fine programmer's tools since before Delphi was on the market. They were present right at the beginning of Delphi, and have been releasing high quality tools ever since. Anyone who wants to create Internet based products would be advised to take a good look at HREF's tools and to use their technology in their products. HREF builds great tools for Internet programmers."
- Charlie Calvert, Author of Delphi 2 Unleashed, Inprise
  • Introduction to CGI programming with Delphi. This chapter discusses web site applications in general, how to model them, the cgi specification and the need for a framework. The basic ideas of WebHub are introduced.
  • Practical CGI. This chapter covers a bit of TPack philosophy, and then discusses how one can build a database-driven web site using the WebHub components.

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