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Delphi In-Depth

by Cary Jensen, Loy Anderson, et al
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ISBN 0-07-88211-4 $42.95

This advanced book (for both the 16- and 32-bit versions of Delphi) covers: making Windows API Calls, using OCXs, creating DLLs, designing components, building client/server applications, creating databases, and more. Each section begins with an overview of the topic, and continues with 5-15 specific techniques. Each technique includes a code example that readers can download from the Internet or CompuServe.
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Ann Lynnworth of HREF Tools Corp. has written the following chapters for Delphi In-Depth:

The Chapters

  • Introduction to the Internet and WebHub

  • Core WebHub Technology -- a discussion of the philosophy and implementation style of TPack.

  • Tracking Surfers and their Data -- how WebHub saves state using the Session ID, the TWebSession component and the integration of the SaveState property on the TwhWebActionEx components

  • Web Site Examples, including Java integration (explains how the HTJAVA demo works), as well as the shopping cart portion of The Fish Store.
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