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Firebird SQL: Reliable 24x7 hosting of database files

Plans: Price and Feature Comparison

If you want to host Firebird SQL database files, welcome, you are in the right place. The plans shown below are intended to give you an idea about features and possible pricing.

Firebird SQL hosted here
Feature Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Server Usage shared private private private
Firebird SQL yes yes yes yes
Monthly charge  [1]  $29.35. Varies. Typical price range is $90-130. Varies. Typical price range is $125-$200.  [2]  From $200/mo; see colo prices
Disk storage  [3]  15 gb 75 gb 100+ gb unlimited
GBAK  [8]  yes yes yes yes
Full Remote Control no no yes yes
Operating System CentOS Linux Windows or Linux Windows or Linux Any
Dedicated CPU no varies 2+CPU Any
Dedicated RAM no varies 5+ gb Any
Firebird access via Domain Names yes yes yes yes
Power Backup  [4]  yes yes yes yes
Temperature Controlled yes yes yes yes
High Security Data Center yes yes yes yes
HTTPS Web Site no yes yes yes
HTTPS certificate  [6]  no varies yes yes
Other Databases  [5]  no yes yes yes
Additional dedicated IPv4 address no $1/mo $1/mo $1/mo
Bandwidth  [9]  10+ Mbps 10+ Mbps 10+ Mbps 5+ Mbps sustained

Request a Quotation

To start a conversation with us about hosting a Firebird SQL database, tell us about your situation.


Plans are billed quarterly in advance.

[1] Your first invoice amount will be pro-rated depending on when you start hosting. Thereafter, quarterly billing occurs at the beginning of January, April, July and October each year. All prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars.
[2] Price depends Operating System, disk space, CPU, RAM and how much technical assistance you need to get everything set up.
[3] For Silver, Gold and Platinum plans, disk space can be unlimited but, for large-disk systems, only Platinum Physical Colo will be cost-effective in the long run.
[4] Bronze, Silver and Gold: power backup provided by Amazon EC2. Platinum: backup generator included by virtue of using the data center in Santa Rosa, California.
[5] Other databases such as MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostGres, etc, may be installed and used subject to licensing restrictions. You are responsible for purchasing database access licenses.
[6] Price depends on whether you order and install the certificate yourself using RDP or require us to do that for you with Pricing will be based on a 15-30 minute labor charge.
[7] HREF Tools Corp. offers a 10 percent discount on all hosting fees to Firebird Foundation Members. We can offer you automated daily or weekly ftp-put of a gbak of your data to another hosting service for backup purposes.
[8] For bronze plans, a daily or weekly gbak of your database will be scripted. The backup file will be saved in two locations on our LAN and can be optionally uploaded to an off-site Amazon S3 bucket, which you will be able to access via web browser and/or CloudBerry Explorer (free) on Windows.
[9] Bandwidth speeds at AWS depend on the instance size (i.e. cost). The best guideline we know for predicting EC2 network speed is here on

Discount for Firebird Foundation members

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