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Top Three Reasons to Virtual Colo with HREF Tools

  1. You can leverage our expertise to provide the full range of services your customers demand: email, ftp, dns, database, http, https, integration...
  2. Fair Prices. Pay only for the management services you need. This might be more at the beginning and much less over time if you want to handle some tasks yourself.
  3. Compassion. HREF Tools relies on the same infrastructure that we recommend you use. We need to understand the lingo and syntax, maximize efficiency and security... just like you do. This includes EC2, S3, CloudFront and IAM.

Year 2020: Virtual not Physical

In the past, HREF Tools offered hosting of physical hardware. Now we are offering to help you take advantage of Amazon EC2 servers, where we help you understand what to buy, how to use it, etc.


Prices from $380/year.


Please use the Contact Page to start any conversation relating to hosting.

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