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Top Three Reasons to Colo with HREF Tools

  1. You can leverage our expertise to provide the full range of services your customers demand: email, ftp, dns, database, http, https, integration... FREE guidance always on tap.
  2. You own the hardware. You own the software licenses. We do not mark up any of that. You pay only for space in the cabinet and bandwidth. FAIR PRICES.
  3. Ultra-high reliability. Read the list of features below carefully; your server will be living in an absolutely optimal environment, and because of the constant temperature and electricity levels, it will tend to last much longer than it would in your home or office. We routinely have servers lasting upwards of five years with no hard disk crashes, no power supply failures, just steady delivery of service, and this is across manufacturers and models.
Wait. What exactly does "server colo" mean? It is an abbreviation for "server co-location" which means that your server (your rack-mountable hardware - not a virtual machine) is cooperatively living in a cabinet which is managed by HREF Tools. We worry about the router, the networking, the electricity, the backup power generators, the air conditioning, the security and much more. Your contribution is to purchase the machine, any relevant software licenses and pay ongoing fees toward those overheads.

The HREF Tools Hosting Facility Features:

  • you have complete control over your equipment

    You can purchase ANY server, so you decide how much horsepower you need. You can run ANY legal software, so you decide which web server, ftp server, database server, email server, dns server you want to run.
  • high-bandwidth, low-latency (i.e. very fast!)

    We are connected to two (2) of the largest Internet backbones, not just one.
  • state of the art security with 24x7 network and premises monitoring
  • ideal room temperature for computer equipment
  • redundant UPS power; backup power generators which kick in during power failures for up to one week and are periodically tested (perfect operation since ~1998)
  • state of the art rack-mount cabinetry
  • FMS-200 fire suppression
  • in business since 1995
  • located in Sonoma County, California, USA


Cost of Rack Space (per month)
Note: hosting fees are billed quarterly, in advance
  1U Rack Mount Case 2U 3U
Machine Hosting $150. $215 $280
Electricity $22.50 per 1.0 Amp sustained[1]
Bandwidth Allowance
Per server 400Kbps sustained, 4Mbps peak, or per contract
Bulk bandwidth (up to T3) Please inquire.
Other Services
Initial install to cabinet $100 unless there are extra/difficult circumstances.
Additional IP Numbers, per request.
(subject to availability)
$1 per month.
Web-Based Hardware APC Power Switch Control $50 setup fee plus $5 per month; not required if your server supports IPMI
Labor Rates
Technical service (hardware work and software installation $45 to $175.00/hr with 15 minute minimum, depending on requirements
Payment Terms
Pay quarterly in advance by MasterCard, VISA or AmEx, U.S. check or international wire transfer.

Server Guidelines
Case size / footprint The server must be rack mountable.
Network card 100 or 1000 Mbps
Insurance You are responsible for insuring your equipment. HREF Tools Corp. does not insure your equipment.


  1. Electricity cost is $67.50 per 1Amp sustained power per quarter. We will measure the power-on, peak and sustained power usage of your server. Estimate 1.0 to 2.2 Amp in absence of any more exact data from your own measurements or manufacturer documentation.

Buying the Server

Under a colo plan, you buy your own server: new, refurbished, used, whatever you wish. You can preconfigure it with software, or do a remote install of the operating system, whatever you wish. (IPMI is required for remote install.) You are responsible for all software licenses.

You would ship the server to Santa Rosa (zip 95407) and we will safely and gently install it in our cabinet in the data center for you.

If you have not yet purchased your server and are looking to save some money, we can recommend buying from one of the vendors listed here:

Installing Software for the Server

If your server has IPMI then you will be able to manage the server almost entirely on your own. As of December 2011, IPMI costs between $0 and $50 on a new server, depending on the vendor.

boot screen
Remote control of server from first boot with IPMI
IPMI shows temperature and more


Please stop by our live chat entrance to discuss anything relating to hosting. If live chat is not open, you will be able to leave a message. Please suggest a time window that will work for you during the next business day and we will endeavor to meet you online then.

Limited Offer

In spite of the lovely photograph (which is real), we have limited space available to share in our cabinet. Space is rented on a first-come first-serve basis.

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