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For businesses using QuickBooks in USA and Canada

New offering in March 2020

If you prefer to use QuickBooks Desktop.. rather than the online version, and you do not have in-house IT to help you set up a workstation for remote usage, HREF Tools can help you. We have been using QuickBooks Desktop remotely for years. We generally do it using Amazon cloud servers (AWS EC2) but can also set you up on a private physical server.

We can move your existing QuickBooks license to a hosted Windows server for you, or provide a bundle with a new QuickBooks Pro 2020 license. The license choice is up to you. The cost of any new licenses is simply added to initial setup fees.

We are offering this now because of the sudden need for almost everyone to work from home as much as possible.

Your cost will depend primarily on how you do your filing. Do you embed all your documents inside QuickBooks or do you maintain files separately outside? The latter is less expensive.

Request a Quotation

Please answer some questions here to streamline the process.

For businesses in Sonoma County, California

If your business happens to be in Santa Rosa or nearby within Sonoma County, you have an additional option. If you require a lot of disk space for your files (say more than 2GB), and you would like your technical expert to have physical access to your server, this can be arranged, depending on circumstances and subject to approval of Sonic.net.

About HREF Tools Corp.

HREF Tools is tiny, privately owned Delaware corporation headquartered in Santa Rosa, California. We have been operating 99 percent virtual since 2001. Everyone works from home and telecommutes to our systems as needed. Hosting is a small part of our business. Our primary business is development of software tools for Delphi programmers who build custom web-based solutions. We can be very flexible in terms of helping other small businesses make the transition to more work-at-home activity. We have used QuickBooks since 1995. We never switched to QuickBooks online due to lack of features and a strong belief that keyboard-based data entry is faster than anything involving a mouse!

Suggested way to File supporting documents outside of QuickBooks

Consistent, simple, file naming conventions can save time and money. Regardless of whether you store the files on a system in your office or on cloud-based storage, you still need them organized so that you can find them later. We have survived for decades without using the QuickBooks attachment feature. Surely it is cheaper that way.

Our advice for file naming follows.

  • Top level of the tree is by year, e.g. Year2019, Year2020.
  • Within that, have functional categories that generally repeat year by year and are flexible to change as the business changes. The ones that have lasted the longest for us are: Bills, Invoices, Letters plus folders for different credit cards and online payment methods such as PayPal. Categories that contain many files are broken down by month, e.g. Year2020\Invoices\2020-03.
  • As much as possible, give every document a unique name, so that if it moves around as an email attachment or anything else, you still know where the master copy is (should be!).
  • Take advantage of a low-cost ultra-high-reliability cloud storage partner such as AWS S3 or DropBox or GoogleDrive.

We can help you setting up easy remote access to your files if you do not already have a system in place.

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