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Rubicon Pro: F.A.Q.

  1. How much overhead is associated with the Rubicon components?
    For Delphi XE2, the core Rubicon package is roughly 400kb. The size of the database bridge package varies; for ADO it is 46kb.
  2. Can Rubicon do a case sensitive search?
    You would have to handle that as a post-process filter. Rubicon would give you all the matches case insensitive, and then you could filter back to a subset that were exact matches.
  3. Should I use Rubicon to search files on my local disk, not in a database?
    That is not what Rubicon was design for but you can do it. There is a non-gui demo for that; look for the rbFile unit.
  4. What about support for stemming?
    Stemming has been in the too-hard basket for a long time. We are planning to prototype a solution after Rubicon 3 is fully established.
  5. What about support for languages such as Japanese which do not use a space between characters?
    We have reviewed algorithms for this and are tentatively planning to add N-Gram (where N is 2) support after enough customers buy licenses to warrant new features.

Answers to common technical questions are all in the User Manual.

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