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Rubicon v4 Ready: Public Announcement

HREF Tools Announces Rubicon 4 with 64-bit Support for Delphi XE2

Santa Rosa, CA -- February 2012 -- HREF Tools Corp. ( is pleased to announce that the Rubicon Full Text Search Engine is available now for use with Delphi and C++Builder XE2. The following database bridges are included immediately: Absolute Database, Advantage Database, AnyDAC, ADO, BDE, dbExpress, DBISAM, DISQLite3, ElevateDB, IB Express, IB Objects, NexusDB, Oracle (DOA), PgDAC, SDac and UniDAC. Rubicon has been tested with Firebird SQL v2.5.

Rubicon supports searching for individual words and phrases across multiple tables and fields in multiple databases. Programmers can exclude words from the index programmatically based on delimiters, symbols, word length or any custom rule. For advanced end-users, Rubicon allows the use of AND and OR operators, plus word exclusion. Rubicon is used for the sesarch engine in the web application behind (a newsgroup search site).

Rubicon Pro developer licenses sell for $299.00 (USD) and include full source. There are no royalty or runtime license fees. Rubicon licenses may be purchased online in HREFShop by starting at and upgrade pricing is available for customers with a Rubicon v3 license.

HREF Tools is a leading developer of Delphi web development tools. Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Santa Rosa, California, HREF Tools offers a range of Delphi components and utilities for web developers and web server owners.

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